Sadhu Miranda

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 9 February 2008

Movie Title

Sadhu Miranda



Star Cast

Prasnna, Abbas, Kavya, Kota, Karunas

Remember Friends and Engal Anna? Sure you still laugh whenever it comes on TV. Well, it was the magic of writer and director Siddique who has also done nine super hit comedies in Malayalam. Now the same Sidiqque a master in making comedy scripts work is back with Sadhu Mirinda, a lackluster comedy thriller that falls flat!

You must have heard of so many directors being inspired from other director's works. Siddique on the other hand is just copying the thread, scenes and even dialogues from his earlier films! A sense of 'd?j? vu' hits you the moment Sadhu Miranda unfolds. He has ripped off the plots of the film from his own Mannar Mathai Speaking and made it 'Ulta'- the Vani Viswanath female character in Malayalam has changed to Prasanna in Tamil where heroes dominate!

This film operates on the belief that having funny people on screen (Karnas, Vyapuri, M.S Bhaskar, Charly and a really funny Kota Sreenivasa Rao) are enough to get laughs. Hero and his side-kick being chased by an army of buffoon money lenders all over the town, and they in turn are chased by street dogs and finally everybody jumps into a pool of cow dung. Ha, Ha!

The hero Siva (Prasanna) a brilliant IIT drop out is a dullard who acts like a madman at times to bring the villains Ram Mohan (Abbas)and his brother who shot his beloved sister and disappeared after robbing a bank of Rs 20 crore! The old fashioned ploy in films to get lady sentiments and justify heroes' revenge spree in which he makes the villain's brother a drug addict and fights a dozen goons at a time and outwits the smart villain is used!

For romance there is a television hostess Priya(Kavya Madhavan) who develops a soft corner for the Appavi Siva, though she is supposed to marry the villain! And the twist in the tale is that the villain is able to brainwash the heroine and turn her against the hero who towards the climax blurts out the truth that it was the villain who killed her father! Want to hear more?

The director has reheated many slapstick scenes from his earlier comedy films and put new actors into it. Every scene is predictable and the way of shot composition is similar to early 90's laugh riots, there are continuity problems and no logic or reason in the narration. Still at the end if you come away laughing it is the last 15 minutes of the film, a free for all comedy climax and the hilarious scenes as the end title card goes up!

Prasanna brings some relief to the proceedings with a cool twist to his character and does the innocent and tough act with ease. Kavya Madhavan is ok but needs improvement in her make-up and dancing. Abbas is fine as the polished villain, but it is Kota who is the scene stealer as the joker politician. Deepak Dev's music gives you the feel that you have heard it before, count numbers like Kaasu Venam...

What works for Siddique is that the humour blends to a certain extent with the thriller plot. What boomerangs is it all looks too familiar. If you are just looking for some corny laughs, then Sadhu Mirindal is worth a look.

Verdict- Average

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