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Friday 03 April 2015

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Shamughapandian, Jagan, Ranjith

Shanmugapandian, son of Vijayakanth debuts with Sagaptham which is purely aimed to project him as an action hero and not as an actor.

Saga (Shanmugapandian) is a carefree village youth and being a humanitarian he saves Devayani whose husband has gone missing in Malaysia and she is facing torture from the lecherous money lender Bose Venkat. Saga leaves to Malaysia along with close friend Jagan so that they could lead a luxurious life and also find the missing husband of Devayani.

As soon as they reach Malaysia, both Jagan and Saga come to know that the job agent has cheated them but soon our hero explores a crime in the country and gets a job at one of the private detective agencies.

In the prison, Saga meets Ranjith (Devayani's husband) and learns that there is an underworld gang who are planning to export cheap and counterfeit medicines to India. The rest of the film tells us how Saga prevents Indian people from the powerful underworld gang and rescue Indian hostages!!

Shanmugapandian has tried to become an action hero just like his father Vijayakanth but we wonder why did he decided to be launched in a larger-than-life commercial film?

For the first timer, Shanmugapandian dances well but he should definitely work on his dialogue delivery, emotions and body language so that he can sustain in Kollywood. The two heroines Neha Hinge and Shubra Aiyappa are mere glam dolls and their lip sync is just pathetic.

Director Surendran's screenplay, dialogues, characterizations and logic are a big downer. At a time when even small budget films are coming up with excellent cinematography, Sagaptham's visuals are similar to what we see in small budget television serials and the editing is like 80's action masala movies.

Though Karthik Raja has tried his best in songs, the situations and the heroines make the audiences look for the exit door.Altogether, Sagaptham tries too hard to portray Shamughapandian as an action hero but all we can say is that the he has a long way to go!

Verdict: Give it a miss

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