Sai Pallavi shares her NGK experience: "I even thought of quit acting"

Source : SIFY
Last Updated: Thu, May 23rd, 2019, 21:03:32hrs
Sai Pallavi shares her NGK experience:
In a recent media interaction, Sai Pallavi has said that for a scene in NGK, she couldn't match the expectations of her director Selvaraghavan.

"As Selvaraghavan wasn't convinced with my performance, the shoot got postponed to the next day. On that day, told my mom that I should go back and practice medicine as I couldn't deliver what my director expects. Thankfully, Selva sir okayed the shot on the next day", said Sai Pallavi.

"When I asked Suriya about retakes, he also said that Selvaraghavan wasn't convinced with his performance in a single take. I was relieved only after knowing that Suriya sir was also subjected to multiple takes", added Sai Pallavi.

In previous interaction, Selvaraghavan has revealed that Sai Pallavi plays Suriya's wife in the film.