Saigal Paadukayanu

Saigal Paadukayanu

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 06 October 2015

Movie Title

Saigal Paadukayanu


Siby Malayil

Star Cast

Shine Tom Chacko, Remya Nambeesan

Veteran director Siby Malayil has made some of the cult classics in the past. But he has been making forgettable movies one after the other during the past few years and Saigal Paadukayanu is one such boring affair.

Chandrababu (Shine Tom Chacko) was named so by his musician father, by merging portions from the names of Sarat Chandra R Maratte and K L Saigal. He shows promise in music pretty early in his life but ends up as an auto driver. 

He marries Deepa (Remya Nambeesan), who was living under the fear of her brother in law, a cruel cop. Though there are some issues in between, their life moves along fine, until Chandrababu hits the bottle. 

If you are the kind who is addicted to those mushy tearjerkers on TV, chances are that some of those sequences could turn out to be fine. But for the rest of the world, this one is irritatingly melodramatic, seriously clichéd and plain boring. All the usual ingredients of what all you have seen in stories of this genre are all there in tact.

T A Razack’s screenplay and dialogues could have been fine for a drama but when it has been packaged into a movie, what we have is perhaps a nightmarish time inside the theatre. 

The talented Shine Tom Chacko has done a fine job, though he hams it up while performing emotional scenes. Remya Nambeesan and Sithara, who plays the hero’s mom, are good. 

Saigal Paadukayanu is one of those films that offer you nothing that you haven’t seen before. By the time you are out of the theatre premises, the story would have gone from your thoughts. Now, if you want to try it yourself, please do. 

Verdict: Below Average

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