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Friday 01 December 2006

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Mahesh Babu, Trisha, Irfan Khan, Prakash Raj

Wanted desperately: A story!

Sainikudu is a perfect example of what goes wrong with big-budget movies with huge hype and hoopla. Gunashekar and Mahesh Babu, the highly successful director-hero duo fails to have the most fundamental element - A script, which has been completely ignored and the screenplay is embarrassingly amateurish.

It is nowhere in the league of Gunashekar?s previous films. It starts with a bang but moves at snail pace and falters in the end. Gunashekar who had discovered new way of projecting heroism (through subtle performance laced with high-voltage action) has failed miserably this time in narrating a wafer-thin story. The plot is nothing new and we have already seen the same premise in Mani Ratnam?s Yuva. But he puts in another backdrop ? flood situations and has also taken the heroine falling in love with the hero from Runaway Bride.

Siddardha (Mahesh Babu) studies in Osmania University. Floods hit Warangal and along with his friends, he saves the villagers. Government sanctions funds for flood relief but politician Pappu Yadav (Irfan Khan) diverts them. In the ensuing by-elections, he wins and becomes the Home Minister! Knowing this, Siddardha kidnaps his bride Varalakshmi (Trisha) on his wedding day. He demands Pappu Yadav to give back the funds to the villagers and build houses for them to get back his bride. Meanwhile, love blossoms between Varalakshmi and Siddardha. How Siddardha brings the change in political system and teaches lesson to Pappu Yadav forms of the rest of this boring yarn!

The major problem with Sainikudu is the characterization of Mahesh Babu. He wants to bring revolution in political system by infusing youth blood but ironically the antagonist is also youth. And the rivalry and war between Mahesh and Irfan Khan defy the logic. With Pokiri, Mahesh has brought realism to the action sequences but in Sainikudu it is the opposite ? formulaic without any logic.

Its hard to believe and defies logic that a Home Minister of a state cannot take on a single guy with no political connections. Too many clich?d characters (Trisha as 6th standard failed village belle and Irfan Khan as corrupt politician), predictable situations and unbelievable action scenes make it a torture. The cardboard sets, song placements and picturisation are a big let down and the much publicized ?technically superior film? is actually tacky! At a time when Dhoom-2 and Don has world class DI, here the outcome is amateurish.

There is only one thing that might lure you into this mindless film. It is the awesome screen presence of Mahesh Babu who holds the film together. He is one of those rare actors who is not only abundantly talented and is simply, the heart, soul and spirit of Sainikudu. Trisha does her village belle act to perfection and her comedy scenes with Mahesh area welcome relief. A fine actor like Irfan Khan has been reduced to a buffoon. Prakash Raj is just okay.

The camera of Balasubramaniam is topnotch. Harris Jayaraj?s seems to be inspired this time though Orugilla Pilla? is the pick of the album. But Peter Haines stunts follow the same pattern of what he did in Aparichitudu and makes the audiences laugh seeing the absurdities of it! Sreekar Prasad must have fallen asleep while editing this film, as the film needs urgent trimming. Totally devoid of any original snatches of writing, Parchuri Brothers dialogues make the film plod.

On the whole, Sainikudu turns out to be a not-so-wonderful experience, after all that hype.

Verdict: Disappointing

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