Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 27 June 2014

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Sara, Nassar, Luthfudeen Basha

'Saivam' written and directed by Vijay is a charming feel-good gem of a movie. It is light, easy and enjoyable family entertainer, with a message that pulls at your heart strings.

'Saivam' proves once again that a simple plot with interesting characters is all it takes to engage an audience. Vijay is at home and seems to be familiar with his milieu and understands his characters and their motivations intricately.

It is not plot-driven movie but centered on the emotional journey of its characters like the little Tamilselvi (Sara) and her love for the rooster Paapa. It?s cute to watch Paapa run away from home to school to be with Tamil!

What happens when the family decides to sacrifice Paapa to their local deity forms the rest of the film. It's unlikely you would have met a family of good-natured, optimistic and cheerful people like Kathiresan?s (Nasser), set in Karaikudi.

At a time when slapstick senseless comedies and thrillers are dished out week after week, 'Saivam' with a simple story of life in a village, a bitter-sweet tale of human frailties that delivers the goods. Vijay is aided by a terrific cast that doesn't miss a beat.

This film wouldn't be half the film without the abundant charm and screen presence of Sara who plays Tamil. It's hard to imagine another actor pull off the role of Kathiresan with such ease like Nasser. Luthfudeen Basha as Senthil makes an impressive debut while all newcomers in supporting roles are good.

GV Prakash Kumar?s score is refreshingly wholesome and among all the songs Azhage Aghaze?. is a gem. Nirav Shah?s camerawork is top-class, especially his interior shots, while Antony?s crisp editing (film is just 121 minutes) is perfect.

Give it a chance, it's simple, uncomplicated storytelling and curious concept will leave a smile on your face.It has qualities that you don't find in movies too often these days: a heart, charm and grace.

Verdict - Good

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