Sakhavu review: Honest and engaging

For the fans of Nivin Pauly, the hero gives enough to celebrate.

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 16 April 2017

Movie Title

Sakhavu review: Honest and engaging


Sidhartha Siva

Star Cast

Nivin Pauly, Aiswarya Rajesh

Director Sidhartha Siva’s Sakhavu begins with Comrade Krishna Kumar, played by Nivin Pauly, hatching a plan with his protégé Mahesh (Althaf) to climb the ladders of power using shortcuts.

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Krishnakumar is the district joint secretary of the student wing of the Left outfit, SFK. Next day, they are sent to a hospital by one of their leaders to donate blood to someone there. Krishnakumar acts silly until he starts learning about the patient there, ‘Sakhavu Krishnan’, from their family members and comrades, which has an effect on him as well.

The inspiring life of Sakhavu Krishnan is now unveiled, through descriptions from those who have been close to him. The young Sakhavu Krishnan was sent by the party to establish a trade union for the plantation workers in the tea estates in the high range areas.Krishnakumar realizes the greatness of Sakhavu Krishnan and understands how he became so popular among the plantation workers. Krishnan was charming and idealistic, and was a true blooded comrade who lived for those who made him their leader.

Krishnan was also a doting father and a loving husband, who never failed to take care of his family even when he was busy spreading the Communist ideology.

Sidhartha Siva paints the picture of a perfect man and a perfect Communist, which gives a feeling of “too good to be true” at times. The film is a tad too long at almost 2 hours and 45 minutes. Also the fight sequence where the ailing hero beats up a gang of goons stands out like a sore thumb.

But these are minor glitches as the film turns out to be engaging and remarkably honest. George C William’s visuals are good and Prashanth Pillai’s music is outstanding.

Nivin Pauly has a couple of makeovers to do and it’s his brilliance that enables him to be convincing in each one of them. His comic timing works very well while doing the role of Krishnakumar and then he performs the role of Sakhavu Krishnan with lots of maturity and confidence. Nivin shines bright and the performance in this film is among his finest until now.

Among the heroines, it is Aiswarya Rajesh as Sakahavu Krishnan’s wife, who is superb. Aparna Gopinath is good as Neethi, Sakhavu Krishnan’s daughter, while Gayatri Suresh is wasted in a rather unimportant role. Althaf, who was seen in a brief role in Premam, manages to tickle the funny bone during the initial scenes.

Sakhavu may be far from perfect, but is a sincere effort that is worth the time. It could give you goosebumps if you are a Communist, but even otherwise it’s entertaining. For the fans of Nivin Pauly, the hero gives enough to celebrate. Go for this one!

Sakhavu review: Verdict: Honest and engaging

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