Samasthakeralam P O

Samasthakeralam P O


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 13 April 2009

Movie Title

Samasthakeralam P O


Bipin Prabhakar

Star Cast

Jayaram, Serah, Priyanka Nair

Think about this. What do you look forward to, while going for a movie? To watch an engaging story for sure and there are chances that you may like the movie or not. Even then, one may not complain much if it gives you some moments when you get entertained. There are good movies and bad ones, but rarely will you come out of the cinemas knowing that you've been taken for a ride like Samasthakeralam P O!

Prabhakaran (Jayaram) is a hardcore Gandhian and a Panchayat member of a village called Thonnoorkkara. With his 'impractical' style where he adopts unconventional ways to protest against every development plans, he is a head ache for both the ruling party as well as the opposition. Prabhakaran is also finding it difficult to make ends meet, as he lives at his uncle's mercy. From this basic premise, the story goes through several events which are dull, banal or plain boring.

Though the intention of those involved in its making is to find a justification for the hero's acts, it turns out to be thoroughly unconvincing, to say the least. Jayaram was going through a tough phase in his career until Veruthe Oru Bharya gave him a fresh lease of life. It was his rather weird choice of films that worked against him and this one is exactly in the mould of some of his earlier films, where he plays a highly virtuous soul and the rest of the world plot against him.

In fact the storyline and settings has a striking resemblance to one of his earlier films Njan Salpperu Ramankutty. Sadly, even that was a highly forgettable one as well. Here the situations, the characterization and the performances all look contrived to the hilt. It seems there was a desperate attempt to give a certain balance to the roles of the two heroines in the film, played by Priyanka Nair, who shot into fame with the Tamil film Veyil and newcomer Serah who cannot emote.

The best thing about the film perhaps, is its music, but surprisingly even the songs have not been presented in an impressive way. Without a credible storyline or script, it is amazing how those involved in its making managed to convince the rest to go ahead with this agonizingly na?ve misadventure.

Verdict: Avoid

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