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Monday 21 April 2003

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Tammareddy Bharadwaj

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It is high time producer-director Tammareddy Bharadwaj hangs up his boots since it has been more than five years since he has given a hit. This time he was inspired by Hindi film ?Yeshwant? but it turned out to be a poor copy of the original. Definitely Prakash Raj is a good actor but he lacks the much-needed mass appeal to draw in audience. It would be better if Prakash Raj sticks to character roles instead of aiming for lead roles since already he has failed twice with ?Veedu Samanyudu Kaadu? and ?Avide Shyamala? and this film may complete the hat-trick of flops for him.

Roja gives a nice performance and baddy Satyaprakash Reddy irritates the viewers with his `over-acting?. Except for few punch lines, neither the script nor the narration, captivate the viewers and the film ends up as a mediocre fare.

Prakash Raj is an upright police official and he is always at loggerheads with the local mafia don Satyaprakash Reddy. The don rules the place with the support of superior police officials like Prithvi (DGP) and his goons reign terror in the area. Roja, an orphan, is given shelter by Prakash Raj and he motivates her to become an IAS official. She likes his sincerity and falls in love with him. Prakash who is initially reluctant to accept her love, later marries her.

He joins duty after his ?suspension? is revoked and she becomes the collector of the same district. Prakash Raj is again trapped in a murder case by the don and it lands him in jail. Roja snubs Satyaprakash over some deals and he joins politics with the advice of his friend Prithvi and becomes a Minister. Proved innocent in court, Prakash Raj is released and along with wife Roja confronts Satyaprakash.

Later Prakash eliminates Prithvi for killing his loyal subordinate Bramaji and exposes the evil deeds of the minister. Vengeful Satyaprakash plans to eliminate the Chief Minister but Prakash saves the CM but looses his wife in a long-drawn-out climax.

The film recommends `instant punishment? for the criminals and refers to the judgement meted out in Pakistan to criminals. When most of the countries are condemning the `barbaric laws? of our neighbouring country it is really sad to see a filmmaker hailing from a civilised country like India supporting those inhuman laws.

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