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Friday 16 December 2005

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Vishaal, Meera Jasmine, Lal, Raj Kiran

Happy news. Lingusamy lives up to his reputation as a director who makes racy action packed family entertainers with his new release Sandakozhi.

It is well-packaged film without any big stars or unwanted sentiments. Technically, the film is slick with good music by Yuvan and outstanding camerawork by Jeeva and Nirav Shah.

Balu (Vishal) an engineering student goes with his friend Karthik to Chidambaran for a break. In Chidambaram he meets Hema (Meera Jasmine) Karthik?s sister and it is love at first sight. Kasi (Lal), is a local goonda and dreaded criminal who runs the town.

After spending a few days with Karthik?s family, Balu in an attempt to save a man from the menacing Kasi, beats up the don to pulp in front of thousands. Kasi is humiliated in his own territory by a stranger and now his henchmen are on Balu?s trail.

However surprise awaits the viewer when we come to know that Balu is the only son of Dorai (Raj Kiran) a local feudal lord and powerful leader in Madurai. Kasi swears revenge on Balu and comes to Madurai, but soon realizes that it is not an easy job to eliminate the young man! How Kasi goes about it and what happens in the climax forms the rest of this gripping action drama.

Vishal has improved leaps and bounds from Chellamay days as he is convincing as Balu. He has proved that looks do not really matter and it is characterization and presentation that makes a hero click. His height and physique is apt for an action hero.

Meera Jasmine shows her superb timing for comedy as Hema the naughty girl .Most of the scenes that other actresses would have hammed, Meera gets it just right. Watch out for the scene in which she acts as being possessed, it really brings the house down.

Raj Kiran as the proud and tradition-bound local chieftain is perfect, but it is Lal who is the surprise packet as the new villain from Malayalam. He is in top form especially in the climax. The action scenes have been superbly choreographed by Kanal Kannan.

The songs of Yuvan are a mix of peppy and melodious numbers with the background score and re-recording being the highlight. Among the songs it is Dhavanipotta Deepavali? which is the pick of the album.

However the film has shades of Thevar Magan especially the Raj Kiran character which is very similar to what Sivaji Ganesan did in the classic. The film drags a bit in the first half but picks up tempo and moves at a fast pace post interval.

On the whole, Sandakozhi is racy and a paisa vasool entertainer.

Verdict: Worth a watch!

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