Sanga Thailavan review: An average film

The film is an adaptation of the novel Thariyudan

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Friday 26 February 2021

Movie Title

Sanga Thailavan review: An average film



Star Cast

Samuthirakani, Karunas, Sunnu Lakshmi, Marimuthu, Junior Ballaya

Sanga Thalaivan is the film adaptation of the novel Thariyudan. The problem is that the director fails to pack the content of the novel within a two-hour film. The editing is shoddy and we get the feel that several scenes were chopped off to speed up the proceedings.

Rangan (Karunas) is an innocent worker of a power loom factory owned by his greedy kin (Marimuthu). When Rangan's colleague loses her hand in a scary accident in the factory, he meets the union leader (Samuthirakani) and asks him to intervene in the issue and fetch her a decent financial settlement.

Rangan also tells the leader to not reveal that he is the one who brought the issue to him. While Rangan doesn't like communism and protests, slowly he gets attracted by the ideologies due to the suppression he faced from all corners. Now, Rangan becomes a member of the local workers union. As the leader goes to jail in the Goondas act, Rangan spearheads the new protest. Can the innocent Rangan replace the Sanga Thalaivan?

The film's core message is laudable and some scenes would be an eye-opener for people who don't know about the pain and suffering of the workers in the power loom factory. Karunas is the actual hero of the film and Samuthirakani only acts as the catalyst to kindle him. While the performance of Karunas is a revelation, Samuthirakani's role is a tailor-made one for him so there is nothing much to rave about.

Ramya comes in a few scenes and has performed well in her limited  role. Marimuthu, Sunnu Lakshmi, and Junior Ballaya have done their parts well. As pointed out earlier in the review, the idea is interesting and some of the scenes have worked well but can we declare Sanga Thalaivan, a perfect film?

No, there is coherency in the film and after a point, it turns out to be a communist propaganda movie. The film's director Manimaran seems to have struggled to adapt the novel to the big screen and unfortunately it's quite evident.

Verdict: Average


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