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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Movie Title



Ravi Verma

Star Cast

Ganesh, Vedhika, Rangayana Raghu

A tolerable and passable film from Golden star Ganesh for this Diwali festival is strictly for family viewing. Directed by debutant Ravi Verma, focusses on the issue of belief more important than love and is packaged keeping the image of Ganesh in mind.

The sacrifice saga of the protagonist and the director attempting to present the film in a colourful style with very good musical tunes from Devisriprasad is a 'paisa vasool' for the audience.

Knowing his limits (a real estate commission agent SSLC failed) in life Balu (Ganesh) is a boy next door. He is the idea maker for his adjacent house where Lachchi (Vedhika) lives. All the family members including Lachchi are not able to take decision without Balu. In such familiarity, Balu once helps Lachchi in an important ritual. At this point of time, Lachchi secretly starts loving Balu.

Balu meets a software engineer from Germany (played by Yashas) and his happiness is that his choice meets the demand of Lachchi family. Lachchi is hesitant to this offer but she is forced by family members not to give up such a fine boy selected by Balu. After a series of revolting by Lachchi it is time for her to express her intentions to family members.

Balu who considers that accepting Lachchi would be working against the trust kept on him is finally forced by family members of Lachchi to be her life partner. This is the simple story of how the neighbor should behave with a beautiful girl next to his house but how it is explained is very interesting for the family audience.

Ganesh gives his best again in a family entertainer film. For his huge fan following this would be a Deepavali festival gift from him. Ganesh looks so sweet on screen and his usual dialogue delivery is missing here. He has danced well and participated in two good action scenes. Vedhika in her debut in Kannada has understood the role very well; she is a screen charmer and has the presence of mind on screen. Komalkumar comedy and Rangayana Raghu humbleness are notable aspects.

What is more noteworthy is Devisriprasad giving three lilting tunes ? Kodu Koduvaravanu?..Dilmange More and Sangama title track are very well captured on screen by Shekar Chandru.

Verdict ? Above average

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