Sankaranum Mohananum

Sankaranum Mohananum


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 13 June 2011

Movie Title

Sankaranum Mohananum


T V Chandran

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Meera Nandan, Rima Kallingal

Sankaranum Mohananum has been announced as award winning director T V Chandran?s foray into commercial cinema. Now, it?s not clear what it actually means but the fact is, the viewer may also find it difficult to get a clue about what exactly did the director intended to say with this confusing storyline.

Sankaran Nambiar (Jayasurya), a forty five year old school teacher got married to Rajalakshmi (Meera Nandan), at least twenty years younger to him. He loved her a lot but on the morning after their wedding night, he died of a snake bite.

With unfulfilled romance in his mind, Sankaran starts appearing before his younger brother Mohanakrishnan (Jayasurya again, in a double role) soon after. Mohanakrishnan is a fashion photographer and is having a troubled marriage with a model Jyotsna Mathew (Rima Kallingal).

It?s not clear why the dead man?s ghost can present himself in varying avatars that range from some ordinary mortals to a snow man and even a Muslim woman in purdah, only before the younger brother, to announce his love for his wife.

The ghost?s abilities are curious as well. Like, he cannot get down from a moving bus, can open the door of a car and prompts his brother to beat up a young man who is planning to marry his wife! There are way too many loose ends here.

With a silly storyline that will leave several doubts in the minds of the viewers, this is a boring misadventure. The highlight of the film could be the twenty odd avatars of Jayasurya, but it turns out to be nothing more than a simple fancy dress. Pradeep Nair?s camera or Isaac Thomas Kottukappilly?s music doesn?t appeal much as well.

As he struggles to make the character of the older man look convincing, Jayasurya?s limitations as an actor is evident to a great extent. But then, with a flimsy plot that would have looked convincing if handled in a deft manner, there is no point in blaming the actors for the film?s shortcomings.

Sankaranum Mohananum turns out to be a major disappointment from a noted director like T V Chandran. The film tests your patience in a big way and ends up as a colossal bore, no less. Sad!

Verdict: Below Average

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