Sar Ankhon Par

Sar Ankhon Par

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 17 April 2003

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Sar Ankhon Par


Gyan Sahay

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`Sar Aankhon Par` is supposed to be `a tribute to 50 years of Indian cinema and takes a good look at the Hindi film industry. The story revolves around Sunday (Dilip Joshi), a small-time actor in Bollywood. He breathes and lives for films. His son Jai (Anuj) hates films because his mother (Nivedita Joshi), a stuntwoman, died while performing a stunt for Rameshwari.

Sunday comes across a struggling actress Bubbly (Anoushka) and introduces her to director N Chandra who is making a film with Mukul Dev. Bubbly bowls him over with her performance at the screentest, and all that she needs is a nod from the producer.

Bubbly from her part wants to do a good turn for Sunday as he was the reason she got a good break in films. He tells her about his son and Bubbly goes after him in a big way and the two fall in love. Jai doesn`t know she is an actress, though.

On his 50th birthday, Sunday discovers that he has cancer. The entire film industry in a show of unity comes together to cheer the dying man who was often used as a stopgap person in films. He was also someone who had supported several artistes when they were struggling.

The film has an interesting story and some very funny lines but fails to do well because the subject has not been handled with enough sensitivity.

Dilip Joshi as Sunday the key artist proves that he has the talent, but unfortunately he doesn`t look the part of a wise 50-year-old sick man. Performance wise, Anuj has to get his act together real fast or he will be lost in the crowd. Anoushka, on the other hand, performs with elan, and is definitely a good find. Mukul Dev plays himself, but his character doesn`t make sense as he is not exactly a superstar in real life. Jatin-Lalit`s music is also not anything to write home about save the title track.

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