Sara’s review- A fine feel good drama


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 06 July 2021

Movie Title

Sara’s review- A fine feel good drama


Jude Anthany Joseph

Star Cast

Anna Ben, Sunny Wayne

Director Jude Anthany Joseph narrates the story of a cheerful girl named Sara, who wants to be a filmmaker, in Sara’s.

Sara (Anna Ben) is determined not to have a child in her life and is all focused on her career as an assistant director. She is all set to make her debut movie as a director. She falls in love with Jeevan (Sunny Wayne), whom she finds to be sharing most of her concepts about life, including her decision not to be a mother.

They get married and then, all her plans about launching her maiden movie project go haywire as she is put under tremendous tension by some of her relatives at a certain point of time.

The story, by Akshay Hareesh, mixes her personal and professional journeys in the movie, as society and family pressures of becoming a mother comes up soon after her marriage.

Jude, who has earlier directed Ohm Shaanti Oshaana and Oru Muthassi Gadha, tries to make some statements here, which are interesting and relatable. Though the movie doesn’t delve deeper into the minds of the characters and remains at a superficial level, it does manage to make some valid points about “what society expects from a woman”. 

Even then, at just around 2 hours duration, the movie does feel a bit too long. On the downside, Sunny Wayn looks much older and mature for the role. A younger hero would have been better.

The visuals and the music helps in adding to the appeal in a great way.

The main strength of the movie is a dedicated performance from Anna Ben, who continues her spectacular form after Kumbalangi Nights, Helen and Kappela. She makes it all so believable and gets so well into the shoes of her character, who is facing a different kind of crisis, compared to her previous roles. 

Sunny Wayne is okay as Jeevan, who is a supportive husband. Among the rest of the characters, it is Sidhique who scores with a good show in a brief but effective role. 

Sara’s is a feel-good movie that has its moments and does put forward some questions which could remain in the viewers’ minds. Give it a try!

Verdict: A fine feel good drama





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