Sardaar Gabbar Singh review: Strictly for Pawan fans

Sardaar Gabbar Singh review: Strictly for Pawan fans

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Movie Title

Sardaar Gabbar Singh review: Strictly for Pawan fans


K. S. Ravindra

Star Cast

Pawan kalyan , Kajal Agarwal

The story is set in a village called Rattanpur, where anarchy rules. The people of the village suffer the cruel acts of the mining businessman Bhairav Singh (Sharad Kelkar). A daring cop Sardaar Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan) is transferred to this village when the village’s erstwhile royal family requests the government to send some good police officer. He is to stay at their palace in the village. He assesses the situation in Rattanpur and starts implementing his plan.

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Meanwhile, a dramatic situation brings the princess of Rattanpur (Kajal) and Pawan Kalyan together and they fall in love with each other. The royal family also has issues with Bhairav Singh. How Sardaar solves all this forms the rest of the story.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh, second film in the franchise of ‘Gabbar Singh’, begins with this following note from Pawan Kalyan.

“Ee Cinema Naa Abhimanalaku Ankitham” (This film is dedicated to my fans).

When the film begins with such a message, we know what is going to unravel: a film meant for his die-hard fans. Nothing should be taken seriously is the subtle message from the movie. As the initial set up of the story, Pawan Kalyan enters with a bang on the scene. The show reel of his mannerisms and histrionics begin. And story takes the backseat.

Looks like Pawan Kalyan wanted to tell the story in the backdrop of mining mafia. Although he has chosen the right backdrop, the screenplay and execution is not right. Since the story of a cop setting things right and winning the heart of the lady is not at all new, the screenplay needs to be engaging and taut. In Gabbar Singh, the 'antakshari' scenes and other sequences that elevated the hero had a solid backup of a story and emotional points, here that is missing. So, we get to see only a series of Pawan Kalyan’s mannerisms.

The romantic thread between Pawan Kalyan and Kajal Agarwal is very entertaining and has enough scope to weave a better entertaining movie out of this one but this is also not properly exploited. Kajal is mesmerizing in her sequences.

The first half of the movie is okay. The interval bang is very appealing. But same tempo is missing in the later part of the movie. The second half goes for a toss and the climax is wrapped up without a bang. Good entertainment is also missing.

In the recent times, Gabbar Singh and Attharintiki Daaredi were Pawan Kalyan’s better movies where in he has showcased his talents in comedy as well as emotional scenes. Sardaar Gabbar Singh showcases his stardom - a fest of his histrionics. By imitating his brother megastar Chiranjeevi’s dance steps, Pawan Kalyan has made his fans happy here. His dance steps to Chiranjeevi’s old songs including the popular Veena step is with applause.

Kajal Agarwal looks gorgeous as the rich girl trapped in some scenes and also shares good chemistry with Pawan Kalyan. Sharad Kelkar, the debutant villain is a perfect antagonist to the Powerstar. He has the right body language. Lakshmi Rai appears in a song. Sanjana is okay. None of the other actors make any impression.

On technical front, Devi Sri Prasad who has been giving hit music to Pawan’s movies has come up with three good songs. His songs have worked more on screen than on the ear. ‘O Pilla Subanalla..” is the best one. Cinematography by Wilson has given the film a rich appeal. The fact that the whole Rattanpur village is a set created in Hyderabad is hard to believe. Art director Brahma Kadali and the producers should be appreciated for this lavish set where most of the movie is shot. Editing is an issue.

Dialogue writer Burra Saimadhav has written some good dialogues keeping in mind Pawan’s off-screen image of a politician and the story. Dialogues like “veedu janamalonchi puttina ideology’, “Avasaram unnappudu Vaadukoni, Avasaram Teeraka kulam gurinchi matladutara’ are the best.

Director Bobby who has shown so much promise in Power has falters here. It seems proper care was not put at editing table as many scenes are cut abruptly. Run time is beyond excusable due to many unnecessary scenes. There are many technical and editing issues.

Although Sardaar Gabbar Singh is mainly meant for Pawan Kalyan’s fans, the movie offers only few good moments, and shows his superb mannerisms. Pawan's show and Kajal are saving grace but narration is a letdown. Despite a good interval bang, post interval it drags on without much redeeming factors. This is strictly for fans that have been eagerly waiting for Pawan Kalyan’s movie for the last three years.

Sardaar Gabbar singh review: 2.75/5

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