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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 10 August 2001

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John Mathew Matthan

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After weeks of insipid uninspired Hindi cinema, here comes one that makes you sit up and feel good about Bollywood. Ad filmmaker John Mathew Matthan`s debut on celluloid: `Sarfarosh`.

Moving away from the veiled suggestions and references, `Sarfarosh` clearly shows the reason behind terrorism and underworld violence in our land. It shows how weapons are smuggled into India accross the border from Pakistan.Paki agents are disguised as sons of the soil at Wahid in Rajasthan, close to the border to facilitate this.

They, along with a few Indian traitors, smuggle these weapons to the interiors of India, like places of tribal unrest and Mumbai`s underworld. The result is terror and destruction. The story unfolds through Ajay Singh (Aamir Khan), whose life changes aftera terrorist attack kills his brother and leaves behind a paraplegic father. Determined to make a difference Ajay joins the I.P.S and is the "ACP Rathod"who`s much feared by the notorious underworld. Sonali Bendre is a good foil as the effervesent Seema, the woman in his life. She introduces Ajay to Gulfam Hassan (Naseer), a much acclaimed Pakistani singer whom he admires. Aspontaneious friendship starts between the two as they face each other on and off at various phases of life. Meanwhile the Mumbai police discovers the existence of deadly AK-47s with the gangsters. As Ajay decides to track their source down, he also discoversthe proxy war that is waged against India by the ISI of Pakistan. The mission is successful but not before some startling facts are revealed.Bollywood is an uncertain world and it requires conviction to produce and direct a "first feature". John Mathew deserves credit for having so much conviction in his subject and being direct in making his point when even some of our bigwig filmmakers don`t dare to. Points like a communal bias present in a big way inthe police force are commendable because everyone`salways avoided talking about them.His cast has been perfectly chosen. You couldn`t have imagined anyone but Aamir Khan as the honest, upright and patriotic Ajay. Sonali Bendre looks sexy and fits the role of a bubbly young girl. Surekha Sikri stands out forher two minute role as a gangster`s mother. And there`s only one word for Naseeruddin Shah`s Gulfam Hassan- brilliant!Go watch this movie as soon as possible. It`ll make you feel good about Hindi films after a long time.

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