Sarrainodu review: A movie for the mass audience

Sarrainodu review: A movie for the mass audience

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 28 April 2016

Movie Title

Sarrainodu review: A movie for the mass audience


Boyapati Srinu

Star Cast

Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet Singh, Catherine Tresa

Chief Minister’s son Vairam Dhanush (Aadi Pinishetty) eyes on cultivabale lands for a pipeline project. When farmers refuse to hand over their lands, he wages a war on them. He is a ruthless guy, who does all kind of illegal activities and even top IAS and IPS officers also fear him.

On the other hand, Ghana (Allu Arjun)’s dad is the Chief Secretary. Ghana cannot tolerate wrong or wrong doers. Ghana falls in love with local MLA Hanshita Reddy (Catherine Tresa). After initial rejections, Hanshita succumbs to Ghana’s love. To marry her Ghana has to fulfill a condition. At the Pedamma temple in Hyderabad Ghana has to swear that he will not be involved in any scuffle or beat anyone ever.

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When Ghana is ready to take the oath, enters Jaanu (Rakul). The rowdies of Dhanush are behind her and she seeks Ghana’s help to protect her. Who is She? What happens to Ghana’s oath? Will Ghana keep his promise to Hanshitha of not involving in any scuffle? How does Dhanush react to all this?

Boyapati has created a mark of his own with his movies. So far, he has directed only mass entertainers filled with action sequences. Sarrainodu, his latest film which was touted as “Oora Mass movie”, also treads on the same template of screenplay he has mastered. Unlike few of his earlier hit movies, this has not come out well even if we see within his regular framework of script.

The movie begins with the introduction of a villain who is the son of a Chief Minister who controls all matters in the state. He also humiliates state's DGP and IAS officers. Then we are introduced to Allu Arjun who wants to set things right as the system is not working properly. This is a typical mass hero characterization but what makes the difference is the energetic portrayal by Allu Arjun. The conflict is between Chief Minister's son who is after lands of a village and a Chief Secretary's son the hero who by accident is involved with a person belonging to the village. So the rivalry is established in the very beginning.

By end of the interval, the main story is established. So the second half has no meat. Even writer-director Boyapati's screenplay doesn’t come to the rescue here.

The movie's plot is old and also it is full of illogical sequences. The love story between Allu Arjun and Catherine is different. Perhaps this is the first time a hero falls for a young female MLA. This part is novel though it requires a better dealing. The other part that has worked are the conversational scenes between Catherine and Annapurna. Which is hilarious. In the second half, Allu Arjun who is known as stylish star is presented as a mass hero and he has given his best shot. In pre-interval sequence when he is trying to save LB Sriram's character, he comes up with the best expressions and performance. He has also played to the gallery perfectly. He also built up his body to look like a person with a military backdrop. It is his show all the way.

Of the two heroines, it is Catherine who steals the show. She has the attitude required for the role and looks beautiful. Rakul's character lacks depth. So she has no scope to perform. Srikanth is okay as Allu Arjun's uncle. JP, Suman, Jayaprakash and others have done their parts well. Brahmanandam's comedy sequence in the hospital has worked out. Vidyu's sambar jokes are irritating.

Best output has come from technicians with Rishi Punjabi topping with his class camera work. Though mostly it is filmed in the studio, he has given best visuals. Thaman's songs are good to listen to as well as on screen. The pick of the lot are "Telusa Telusa" and "Blockbuster". The scenic beauty of Bolivia in "Telusa Telusa" song is terrific. Dialogues by Diamond Rathnam are average. So are the editing and action sequences.

As writer and director Boyapati Sreenu has delivered routine output. His writing and narration lacks novelty. In Boyapati’s beaten-to-death storyline, Allu Arjun’s energetic act and couple of Thaman’s songs are the saving grace. Sarrainodu is meant for mass audiences.

Sarrainodu review: 2.75

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