Sarvopari Palakkaaran review: Bumpy ride

The laughs are few and far between, and the screenplay takes forever to come to the point

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 07 August 2017

Movie Title

Sarvopari Palakkaaran review: Bumpy ride


Venu Gopan

Star Cast

Anoop Menon, Aparna Balamurali, Anu Sithara

Director Venu Gopan’s Sarvopari Palakkaaran mixes most of the masala ingredients that is needed to make some impression. But the problem is simple, there is too much masala and the makers were unable to dish out a delicious meal.

During the initial portions of the story, there is a track involving a hotel manager and the soup he lands in, when his assistant plants a camera inside a ladies’ room. After a while, you realize that the sequences have no real relevance in the rest of the story. Soon you realize that it’s the same problem for the entire film.

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Jose Kaithaparambil (Anoop Menon) is a Circle Inspector of Police, who is the son of Mani (Alancier), the hotel manager. You found their names and the film’s title interesting? Well, this is the kind of not so great intelligence that you find in the whole script.

The story takes a different turn when the cop meets an activist and a theatre artiste, Anupama Neelakantan (Aparna Balamurali). She was involved in the “Kiss of Love” campaign and naturally, she has to be bold.

Jose, who is engaged to Linda (Anu Sithara) hates Anupama and a significant portion of the film is spent on their tussles. Then there is another episode involving a molestation incident. The cop is in the search for the kingpin in this incident.

With a shaky script by P S Suresh Babu that meanders along aimlessly most of the time and the the plot, which starts off on a curious note becomes convoluted. The laughs are few and far between, and the screenplay takes forever to come to the point.

Anoop Menon performs competently but his character suffers from bad writing. Aparna Balamurali lacks the finesse in her acting that was seen in Maheshinte Prathikaram. Anu Sithara has nothing much to do.

Sarvopari Palakkaaran is an overlong mess. Is certainly based on a decent idea that is revealed during the climax, but the journey until that point is bumpy. Now the decision is all yours!

Sarvopari Palakkaaran review- Verdict: Unimpressive

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