Sathriyan review-A gangster thriller which has its moments

Vikram Prabhu is perfect as the angry young man. His body language and dialogue deliver aptly suit his characterization

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Friday 09 June 2017

Movie Title

Sathriyan review-A gangster thriller which has its moments


SR Prabhakaran

Star Cast

Vikram Prabhu, Manjima

Right from God Father to our own Nayagan, gangster flicks certainly have a set formula with friendship, betrayal, gang war, revenge and bloodshed. SR Prabhakaran's Sathriyan also follows the routine template with an exception that our protagonist seeks redemption for his ladylove but not before he finishes off his enemies.

Samuthiram (Sarath Lohitaswa) is the most powerful gangster in Trichy but no one in the city has seen him. In fact Samuthiram' s own daughter Niranjana doesn't know that her dad is a gangster! As Samuthiram met an opposite party MLA, the local Minister (Poster Nandhakumar) executes him with another gangster Shankar (Aruldoss).

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Now Samuthiram's family comes under the control of his immediate subordinate Ravi(Vijay Murugan).  To safeguard Niranjana from roadside romeos, Ravi appoints his most trusted man Guna (Vikram Prabhu) but in the process, the duo fall in love. Ravi warns Guna and advises him to  stay away from Niranjana but the lovers are in no mood to listen. Meanwhile, Shankar attacks Guna at midnight with a bunch of henchmen and stabs him  but he  survives because of a medical student Chandran (Kavin). Now Guna should kill all his foes to lead a peaceful life with Niranjana.

Sathriyan's two pillars of strengths are cinematographer Sivakumar Vijayan and music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja that even an ordinary scene gets elevates because of the duo's work. Sivakumar's lighting, shot division and color tone aptly justifies the gangster genre similarly, Yuvan's rerecording lifts each and every action sequences.

Though the film begins with an interesting setup of gang war, SR Prabhakaran struggles in shifting gears between romance and rowdyism till the intermission point. The director gets back his form with the interval block and post that the film engages us till the end. However the length of the film, weak climax and the preachy tone are the downers.

The action sequences in Sathriyan are raw and rustic, especially the one with Aruldoss and Vikram Prabhu being the highlight.

Performance wise,  Vikram Prabhu is perfect as the angry young man. His body language and dialogue deliver aptly suit his characterization, easily Sathriyan is his comeback film as an actor. Manjima is very pleasing to look at and she shines in a well-written role. The villains are all adequate.

Overall, Sathriyan is a gangster thriller which has its moments

Sathriyan review-A gangster thriller which has its moments

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