Sathuram 2 review - An average remake of Saw

Sathuram 2 review - An average remake of Saw



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 16 September 2016

Movie Title

Sathuram 2 review - An average remake of Saw


Sumanth Radhakrishnan

Star Cast

Yog Japee, Brihadish Koushik, Riaz, Rohit Nair, Sanam Shetty

Sathuram 2 director Sumanth Radhakrishnan has credited James Wan’s Saw as his inspiration. The director has used plenty of scenes from Saw but what makes it unique is the back story of the protagonist, which gives the film a new tag ‘philanthropic thriller’.

A doctor (Yog Japee), who has an extramarital relationship with his colleague and a photographer (Riaz), who clicks the personal lives of people and blackmails them for monetary gain are chained inside a locked room along with a terribly wounded dead guy lying on the floor.

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Though both the doctor and photographer are clueless, they find cassettes in their pockets. The recorded voice tells them that they have wasted their precious lives, which many can’t afford and from there, the torture game begins!

Sumanth has used the slasher idea from Saw and has only added the moving flashback, which actually helped the movie to establish an emotional connect but the major problem with the film is its poor casting. Yog Jagpee is adequate but the rest of the actors are not up to the mark and none of them can emote.

The production values are below par and the backdrop looks artificial in many places and one can understand that the film has been made at a substandard budget.

Flaws apart, the film will work to an extent for audiences who haven’t watched Saw and director Sumanth relies on an engaging non-linear screenplay that they way he unveils the climax twist strikes the right chord. Another positive aspect of Sathuram 2 is its running time, the crisp cut of 95 minutes is definitely a big plus!

Talking about the technical crew, Girishh Gopalakrishnan’s background score is quite good while the sound design team too has done a great job. To conclude, audiences who aren't exposed to slasher films/torture thrillers may find Sathuram 2 watchable but others would only consider it as yet another average remake!

Sathuram 2 review- Verdict: Average

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