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Friday 02 April 2010

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Kumar Govind?s comeback film is nothing short of a disaster. For, nothing has gone right in Sathya for Kumar Govind, who was in great demand at one point of time in Sandalwood. His experimentation with direction has gone horribly wrong. Otherwise, Sathya should have been an entertaining suspense thriller.

The first half of the movie is about a series of murders that the protagonist commits through different approaches. He even changes his appearance for each murder. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be logical. In one shot, the protagonist appears with a cobra around his neck. In another scene, he appears like a psycho with a tonsured head.

The motive for the murders and mayhem is revealed in the second half of the movie. Surprisingly, the female lead is also raped in the post-intermission session. At times, the movie is fast-paced. The second half is slow.

The only saving grace of the film is senior actor Padma Vasanthi, who does justice to her role as the mother of the protagonist. Kumar Govind?s performance is ok. But age is fast catching up with the actor and it is visible on screen. Despite this drawback, he continues to impress with his karate skills and daring stunts. The female lead appears in a wasted role.

The gory scenes and rape earned Sathya A certificate. A highlight of the film is the location. It was shot in Kashmir, Rajasthan, Taj Mahal and Mumbai. Cinematographer Lal Babu, who is supposed to have worked for Santosh Sivan, has done a neat job. Music by Gautham is average.

Verdict: Bore

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