Sathya review: Unintentionally funny

If you have to watch it, be ready to laugh even during the supposedly tense situations

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 21 April 2017

Movie Title

Sathya review: Unintentionally funny



Star Cast

Jayaram, Parvathy Nambiar

Sathya, directed by Diphan who passed away recently and is mainly known for the well-made Prithviraj starrer Puthiya Mugham, is a thriller that involves some twists n turns, a couple of item dances and some action.

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Sathya (Jayaram), along with a friend Andrew (Saju Navodaya) who is there just to crack some silly jokes, abducts an item dancer named Rosy (Roma) from a brothel in Karnataka. The hero takes on dozens of armed goons in the process and though he initially says they are going to Goa, the actual destination is Pondicherry.

There are quite a number of villains who are behind them and that include cops too, but our hero is so good that he even ducks from bullets and beats up goondas without breaking a sweat. In between he gives some punch dialogues. Like, "njan cool aanu... mass cool".

The real story that prompted the hero to venture out on this trip is revealed somewhere in between. But of course we won’t play spoilsports. All we are going to tell you is that Sathya is a professional in playing cards and he is in love with Milan (Parvathy Nambiar), who is quite a millionaire.

Scenarist A K Sajan has presented the characters and incidents to suit a suspense drama, but this one is more of a comedy. The writing is poor and the sequences have been presented so seriously though there is no credible storyline here.

Jayaram, with a salt n pepper hair, tries really hard even with a Kamal Haasan style of dialogue delivery but struggles as the writing is barely convincing. Parvathy Nambiar seems to reserve a single expression for her character. Aju Varghese is there for half a minute or so and it’s the same about most of the other supporting actors.

Sathya is unintentionally funny. If you have to watch it, be ready to laugh even during the supposedly tense situations.

Sathya review - Verdict: Below Average

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