Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 16 March 2014

Movie Title



Dhananjay Balaji

Star Cast

Prajwal Devraj,Sona Chabra,Shobraj,Jai Jagadish

Dynamic prince of Sandalwood, Prajwal Devaraj inattentive to his box office collections has been signing films after films and has been hopeful of every project he does. Unfortunately box-office figures are just not supporting the young star?s performance.

Prajwal Devaraj who is one among the convincingly recognized actors of Sandalwood is expected to choose a good script and give a visual treat to his fans, but seems like he is just in the hurry to add to the number of films in his kitty rather than focussing on the box-office numbers.

Lead actor Prajwal is just out of the law college and joins as an assistant to another lawyer Raju Talikote. Prajwal gets ready to handle a case of a goon by name Aadi, in the initial days of his career which turns to be a larger than expected case. By the time our lead character manages to win the case and sends the goon to jail, he has also succeeded in earning the wrath of Aadi?s brother (Shobharaj) and this fury costs Prajwal his friend?s life.

Though the lawyer is expected to be present more in the court room, this lawyer in the movie is seen combating with the goons physically most of the time. How he manages to get the required justice for his friend?s demise and what follows next is expected and can be watched on screen.

Mediocre court room sequence, recurring dialogues, careless screenplay, costuming are the major drawbacks of the movie. Director Dhanajay Balaji has a not so striking story and fails in engaging the audience. It?s high time Prajwal starts selecting suitable stories in order to save his dropping career rather than being on a signing spree.

Lead actress Sona Chabra is present in the movie to add the glamour quotient and nothing more than that. Raju Talikote?s comedy timing also fails to save the movie. Dhananjay Balaji has to possibly do a better coursework before he could even think of next project. V.Manohar?s music does not create any magic and goes with the flow of story while PKH Das as the cameraman is convincing in his shots.

Verdict: Average

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