Sawaari review: Bumpy ride

Sawaari review: Bumpy ride



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 21 March 2016

Movie Title

Sawaari review: Bumpy ride


Guhan Seniappan

Star Cast

Benito Franklin, Sanam Shetty, Karthik Yogi

Sawaari is definitely an ambitious attempt by debutant director Guhan Seniappan but somewhere down the line, he could not convert the magic from paper to big screen. The plot is definitely unique as everything is based on a psycho killer and his series of murder but there is no back story for him and hence, no clarity.

In the Chennai – Vellore highway, series of murders happening as a psycho seeks lift and kills the people inside the car. In order to catch this psycho, a police officer (Benito Franklin) is appointed and he is on his way for his wedding in Andhra. Unfortunately Benito’s car gets repaired and he asks for a lift in the superstitious Contessa car of a MLA, driven by a mechanic (Karthik Yogi).

Interestingly, the psycho killer also gets a lift in the same Contessa car. What happens next? Watch on the big screen to know…

As said earlier, the idea deserves applause and the actors too have done justice to their characters to some extent. But what does not work in Sawaari is the annoying screenplay where we are not tensed while watching the movie. 

Of course, the film is filled with enjoyable one liners and the first half is quite interesting but post intermission, things fizzled out and at the end, we only feel that such an interesting idea needed to be handled in a more mature manner.

Guess Guhan Seniappan’s short film background cannot help much and Sawaari also just looks like an extended version of a short film idea, where Chezhiyan’s cinematography alone stands out.

Overall, Saawari is a jarring ride on a technically well equipped car!

Verdict: Jarring ride

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