School Bus review: Watchable

School Bus review:Watchable



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 28 May 2016

Movie Title

School Bus review: Watchable


Rosshan Andrrews

Star Cast

Kunchacko Boban, Jayasurya, Aparna Gopinath

Director Rosshan Andrrews’ School Bus is on two kids and their antics that gets serious after a while.

Joseph (Jayasurya) and Aparna (Aparna Gopinath) lives in a plush apartment complex, with their kids Ajoy (Aakash Muraleedharan) and Anju (Anjelleena Rosshan). Joseph is a strict father and is going through enough tension as a result of the tussles that he is having with his own family members over some property deals. The busy parents barely find enough time to spend with their children and that naturally has an effect on them as well. 

Ajoy and his naughty gang of friends are creating issues for their teacher all the time. But one of the activities that Ajoy gets into, lands him in trouble and the story is about how he tackles it. 

The first half goes ahead in a brisk pace with the cute little actors making their sequences mostly interesting. The story takes a relatively slower pace from then on. 

The film subtly conveys some messages to the kids and their parents. There are certain prejudices that are shown in the film, but it can’t be discussed without revealing the suspense elements and we leave it at that. 

The scenarist duo of Bobby and Sanjay have narrated a simple but genuine story, which has been packaged competently by Rosshan Andrrews. 

The story mostly unveils focusing on the kids and they have done their parts in an impressive manner, especially Anjelleena. The grown ups have a limited role to play and their emotions are mainly conveyed through their actions.

School Bus has its fine moments and though the story goes along predictable lines, it can connect with the family audience. It could have been better, but even in the current form, it’s a fine watch.

School Bus review-Verdict: Watchable

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