Seema Raja review: Sivakarthikeyan as usual steals the show!

Seema Raja is not as funny as Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam and Rajini Murugan but there are some interesting scenes

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 13 September 2018

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Seema Raja review: Sivakarthikeyan as usual steals the show!



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Sivakarthikeyan, Soori, Samantha, Lal, Simran

By Moviebuzz
Sivakarthikeyan and Ponram combo which effortlessly delivered two blockbusters Rajini Murugan and Varudhapadatha Valibar Sangam is back with Seema Raja another village based mass entertainer. Though entertainment is the major motto of Ponram, this time he has tried to infuse historic portion and a social message highlighting importance of farmers protecting their land with many scenes stitched together from old Rajinikanth classics.

Seema Raja (Sivakarthikeyan) is a descendant of Singampati royal king family. Everyone in his village refers to Seema Raja as Rasa (king) and he enjoys the pride. Meanwhile, there is a rich businessman (Lal) and his second wife Kaleeswari (Simran) who hates Seema Raja and his dad (Napoleon) as they kicked them out of the local market. The wounded couple waits for the right time to attack Seema Raja and lure the innocent farmers by promising them a huge money for their land. Meanwhile, there is a love track between Seema Raja and Suthanthira Selvi (Samantha) a silambam teacher and a historical portion of Kadambavel Raja (Sivakarthikeyan), one of the proud kings of Singampati.

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Sivakarthikeyan as usual steals the show with his screen presence,  comedy timing and energetic screen presence. The actor also shines in the historical portion. Though Soori's one liners evoke laughter, some of his portions are quite irritating. Samantha looks gorgeous as the traditional rural girl and she also get scenes showcasing her silambam skills. Simran (who hams and screams most of the time) plays the negative role whereas Ponram has wasted a good performer like Lal here.

To be honest, Seema Raja is not as funny as Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam and Rajini Murugan. As we have seen Sivakarthikeyan - Soori combo in many films, their average fun moments in Seema Raja hasn't worked much. Until the historic portion, the screenplay goes in various directions which tests our patience.  Director Ponram has done enough research for the period portion and there is a good connect with the present issues of farmers but we don't understand why he chose to spent nearly the entire first half with pointless elements including the predictable romance and few silly comedy scenes!

Technically, Imman's songs are already big hits and his pulsating score in the flashback also elevates the film. Balasubramaniam has provided rich visuals and T Muthuraj's work in the historic portion is commendable.

Though they tried something different this time, Seema Raja is not the best of Ponram and Sivakarthikeyan. However, thanks to the fun elements and the historical portion, this one ends up as a one time watch.

Seema Raja review-Verdict: Mass Entertainer

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Review Ram @MovieReviewRam

#Seemaraja - Below average commercial product. Decent first half was let down by a very boring latter. #Sivakarthikeyan heroism vera konjam thookal

John kamalesh @john_kamalesh
#SeemaRaja review, no comments simply waste

Saravanan K @itisSarwan
There is no postive reviews for #Seemaraja till now !!
The script is asusual the same flick of #Sivakarthikeyan movies !!
Tis will clearly shows tat over promotion udambuku agathu
Let's see

Rudra @vijayanna25
One Liner Review of #SeemaRaja
SK did his best for his fans but it wont satisfy general audience that much
Samantha was abit fresh to see in Village and it turn out to be good
Villains are the same routine commercial type one
Many comedies and unwanted scenes there

#seemaraja stop spreading negative reviews.. We fans are here to celebrate our @Sivakarthikeyan anna's movie.. It's a pakka package movie.. Thoroughly enjoyed.. Haters move aside plsss

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