Seeru review: Timepass entertainment

Jiiva shines as a mass hero in Seeru

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 07 February 2020

Movie Title

Seeru review: Timepass entertainment


Rathina Siva

Star Cast

Jiiva, Varun, Riya Suman, Navdeep

Director Rathina Siva's Seeru is a routine mass commercial entertainer with the tried and tested formula, but a few unique characterizations make it a decent watch.

Manimaran (Jiiva) is a do-gooder and is always ready to help people around him,  whenever they are in danger or need. In the introduction scene, he helps two girls and advises them to only pay it forward! Manimaran's world is all about his pregnant sister who is expecting her first baby anytime soon. Meanwhile, being an upright local TV reporter, Mani exposes the scam of a local politician who hires a henchman Malli (An impressive Varun) from Chennai to finish off his enemy. A simple phone conversation ignites Malli who comes to Manimaaran's native to murder him but ends up saving the latter's pregnant sister.

Now Manimaran goes to Chennai to thank Malli who gets surrounded by his friends and they are about to kill him as per the orders of their boss. As expected Manimaran saves Malli but on whose order his friends tried to kill him?

The film moves at a leisure pace in the first half with the routine songs and punchlines. Seeru grabs our attention only after the arrival of Varun who gets introduced as the notorious villain. The chemistry between Jiiva and Varun is the highlight. The film also has a moving flashback sending out a strong message on women empowerment. The climax also stands out for the commercial cinema format.

But director Rathina Siva seems to be a confused filmmaker. In the first scene, his hero saves the young girls from a potential rape crime and immediately, he is seen roaming behind young girls in a song. Smelling a girl's perfume and chasing her is also bad in taste. But Rathina gets the emotional scenes and commercial formulae right to a large extent.

Jiiva as a commercial mass hero shines, while Varun is slowly but surely climbing up the ladder as a promising young star. He is outstanding as Malli (Gautham Menon has dubbed for him)  and we wish he was there for a longer time. Heroine Riya Suman is there for the sake of it and Navdeep is decent.

Technically, Imman's songs and background score are impressive while cinematography is strictly functional. The runtime of the film is just 124 minutes and hence, one can watch it for timepass entertainment provided if you like formulaic entertainers.

Seeru review: Timepass entertainment 

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