Seetha Kalyanam

Seetha Kalyanam


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 08 November 2009

Movie Title

Seetha Kalyanam


T K Rajeev Kumar

Star Cast

Jayaram, Jyothika

The film took quite some time to reach the theatres, but the best thing about director T.K.Rajeev Kumar's Seetha Kalyanam is that it is based on a nice concept.

Though we have seen films like My Best friend's wedding and the more serious Monsoon Wedding before, the drama that takes place during a seven day long Tamil Brahmin wedding ceremony sounds nice. But with its clich?d narration, unimaginative script and cooked-up situations, the film looks out-of-place and ineffective.

Sreenivasan (Jayaram) works in an MNC type company and has some beautiful girls that include the bubbly Nimisha (Jyothika) as his friends. His mother, played by the inimitable Manorama, is frantically in search of a bride for him. After a while, she finds the right girl, Abhirami (Geethu Mohandas), the daughter of a musician, played by Oduvil Unnikrishnan. But she has long been in love with the soft spoken Ambi (Indrajith), her dad's trusted disciple.

Now, the wedding ceremonies begin at the bride's residence and Nimisha joins the celebrations, with her gang of girls. As it gets nearer to the main ceremony, Nimisha realizes that she is in love with Sreenivasan. The confusions begin from then on. Of course, there is a parallel track meant to make you laugh, but it often makes you embarrassed instead! There is also the villain, Parameswaran (Siddique), whose sole aim there is just to spoil the party.

The storyline looks silly, as the confusions could have been avoided if someone revealed their feelings at the right time and the director could have told the viewers something meaningful instead. Jayaram has just to look good mostly and he does fine. Jyothika has to play the modern girl in a traditional household and she does that quite well. But when it comes to serious scenes, she hams it up quite often.

Geethu and Indrajith are curiously silent, but Siddique is often too loud, with his efforts to be a baddie all the time. Manorama has been wasted in an inconsequential role. But the comedy track involving Bindu Panicker, Kalpana, Janardhanan, Bheeman Raghu and Jagadeesh is plain boring, to say the least.

Rajeev Ravi's camera experiments with some mirrors at times and is good, especially since the film is happening mainly indoors. Sreenivas' music is good as well.

In the end, Seetha Kalyanam neither gets deep into the minds of the characters nor succeeds in narrating the story amidst the wedding celebrations, in a convincing way. Still, there is some kind of an attempt to present it in a different way, which needs to be appreciated. Watch it, only if you think that this is all that you want from a movie!

Verdict: Average

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