Senior Mandrake

Senior Mandrake


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 09 February 2010

Movie Title

Senior Mandrake


Ali Akbar

Star Cast

Jagadeesh, Jagathy, Suraj Venjarammood

Agreed, that we don?t expect to watch a classic, while going for a comedy-flick like Senior Mandrake. But what if it turns out to be two and a half hours of buffoonery with a poor script and idiotic scenes that completely disregards the intelligence of the viewer?

Director Ali Akbar's sequel to the 1997 comedy, Junior Mandrake, will easily find its place among the worst films that ever happened in Malayalam!

Junior Mandrake was enjoyable in parts, but Senior Mandrake has no storyline worth mentioning. The statue of the villain's head that brings ill-luck continues to do the rounds this time as well. The whole story is set on the statue and some characters from the earlier version, played by Jagathy Sreekumar, Jagadeesh, Indrans, Kalabhavan Navas and so on. There are some new additions this time, like Suraj Venjarammood and Salim Kumar, to add to the woes.

It's a futile exercise to explain the storyline for the simple reason that there is not one worth mentioning here! Instead the director has made a potpourri of silly scenes, without any imagination or skill and the story loses its direction right from the start. Worse still, with no production values, amateurish performances by both the experienced and the new faces alike and idiotic direction, it barely qualifies as a feature film worth a release at the theatres.

The movie is an example of how low a filmmaker can stoop to, perhaps eyeing on the hefty video and satellite rights which can make even this one a profitable proposition. How can the filmmakers blame the viewers if they stay away from Malayalam films, after making such senseless crap? There is not even a line of dialogue or a shot that is worth mentioning here and still the director had the audacity to go ahead and make it. Surprising indeed!

It is a matter of shame that talented actors like Jagathy, Jagadeesh, Salimkumar, Suraj Venjarammood and Kalpana agreed to be a part of it in the absence of a sensible script. All of them, especially Suraj, Salimkumar and Kalpana, have come up with the worst performances in their lives. It is a pity that they can get away with such poor performances, where they just mimic some of their own trademark gestures and accents!

The film's technical flaws are too many to mention even. Imagine, there is a shot where the unit van is seen in the background, as the characters perform their irritating gimmickry in front of the camera. It's funny that the director himself has done the editing, or else not even a single shot would have made it to the final cut. The visuals are poor and less said about the music department, the better.

Malayalam has its own share of rollicking comedies which can make you laugh even after repeated viewings. Grab a DVD of any of them and watch it instead of wasting time on this damp squib.

Verdict: Avoid

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