Sethurama Iyer- CBI

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Wednesday 28 January 2004

Movie Title

Sethurama Iyer CBI



Star Cast

Mammootty, Mukesh, Jagathy, Navya, Nandana

It is the age of sequels in Malayalam cinema. Sethurama Iyer CBI is the third part of Oru CBI Dairy Kurippu which was a blockbuster, 16 years back. Even today the audience have not forgotten Mammoootty?s role as the suave and intelligent CBI officer who solved crime more with his brains than brawn. The newly dusted CBI story is successful to a very large extent, with Mammootty?s immense screen presence and performance.

This time Sethurama Iyer (Mammootty) the CBI officer is on Onam holidays to Kerala to spend a few days with his sister and nieces Rashmi (Navya) and Rachana (Nandana). A local parish priest meets Iyer and requests him to meet Alex (Kalabhavan Mani) a convict sentenced to death for six murders. Iyer meets him at the jail and Alex confesses that he has killed only five people and he is innocent about the death of the sixth man, a financier.

He convinces Iyer that someone else has done the crime and has put the blame on him. Sethurama Iyer gets interested in the case and along with his team of Chacko (Mukesh), Vikram (Jagathy) and Ganesh (Vineeth Kumar) starts the investigation. His nieces also help him by using common sense, at the right time. How Iyer and his team finally reach the culprit who committed the sixth murder forms the rest of this edge-of-the-seat investigative story.

With its often witty and visually energetic style the film is definitely a cut above the current comedy films, but the plot is wafer thin. At the end of it, we feel that the film was made to showcase Mammootty?s CBI image that has been successfully exploited earlier. Why on earth was Navya and Nandana used by the director to find the killer, when Mammootty himself was only required?

Mammootty invests so much conviction and energy to the character of Sethurama Iyer that it is a treat to watch him. We cannot think about another actor who can do this role with ease and ?lan like him. Rest of the characters have all done their roles well. The romantic scenes between Vineeth and Navya spoils the tempo at times, but on the whole the film is interesting and is worth a look.

Verdict: Above Average