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Saturday 10 September 2011

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Kunchacko Boban, Asif Ali, Nivin Pauly, Nadia Moidu, Bhama, Rima Kallingal

Director Joshiy?s Sevenes (the extra ?e? could have been added for numerological reasons) talks about the eventful lives of a gang of young men, who are the members of a local ?Sevens football club?.

It?s a simple story which has been narrated in a highly conventional way and it could be fine, if you are ready to overlook some of its shortcomings.

Shyam (Kunchacko Boban), Sooraj (Asif Ali), Shoukath (Nivin Pauly), Sarath (Rajith Menon), Arun (Aju), Satheesh (Vijish) and Linto (Amir) are the members of a football team in a sleepy town in Malabar.

They all come from moderate backgrounds and the need for money prompts them to take up some criminal activities at a certain point of time. It all works fine for a while, but as you would have guessed by now, things go horribly wrong one night.

The scenarist Dr.Iqbal Kuttippuram and the director Joshiy have maintained the mood in a fine way throughout the film?s first half. But it all gets a bit slow paced, melodramatic and too predictable in the second half.

The main problem could be the style of making, which would have been fine, may be two decades back. The highlight of the film could be its football backdrop but that gets forgotten after a while. The camera by Ajayan Vincent and the music by Biji Bal are fine.

The proverbial lover boy of Malayalam films, Kunchacko Boban, has tried to be different and has performed the action roles in a nice way. Asif Ali, one of the great hopes for tomorrow, is pretty impressive. The rest of the gang too has done their roles in a fine manner.

Bhama, who has been paired opposite Kunchacko Boban, gets some nice moments and she looks convincing. Rima Kallingal is there only for a few scenes and has nothing much to do in the whole film. Nadia Moidu, who had a rather disastrous comeback in Doubles, look fine as the tough talking City Police Commissioner but her character seems to have been half-baked.

The rest of the cast, which includes Mithun, Vineethkumar, Sampath, Ram Raj, Maniyanpillai Raju and Mamukoya among others, have all performed their roles well.

There is nothing much that you haven?t seen before, in Sevenes. Now, if you are fine about it, this film could work for you!

Verdict: Watchable

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