Ravi Teja and Allari Naresh prove their mettle and are ready to give their best if they get the right characters

Ravi Teja and Allari Naresh prove their mettle and are ready to give their best if they get the right characters


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Movie Title

Ravi Teja and Allari Naresh prove their mettle and are ready to give their best if they get the right characters



Star Cast

Ravi Teja, Allari Naresh, Siva Balaji, Priyamani, Abhinaya, Roja

At a time when the multi-starrers had become a rare phenomenon in Tollywood, this Tamil-remake from Tamil, Sambho Siva Sambho is a welcome sign.

The film raked up huge expectations in the industry thanks to the crazy combination of Ravi Teja and Allari Naresh.

Though Director Samudrakhani (of the Tamil original Nadodigal) did the captaincy for the Telugu version, he could not repeat the magic, in spite of having big stars whereas the star cast in Tamil consisted of debutants.

Coming to the subject matter, the film dealt with the concept ? When friends join together to help lovers get married, they also have the right to unite them when they get separated.

Karna (Ravi Teja), Malli (Allari Naresh) and Chandu (Siva Balaji) are thick friends, having different interests in life. Karna wants to marry his niece Manemma (Priyamani). But his uncle (Tannikella Bharani) insists that he should have a government job if he were to marry his daughter. Malli wants to go abroad and is on the job of getting the passport and visa. Chandu wants to open a computer center.

All of a sudden, the trio encounters a big problem. Santosh, the son of a former MP (Roja), is about to commit suicide but gets rescued by the trio. He reveals that he is in love with the daughter of a factionist (Mukesh Rishi).

Now, the trio takes up the mission of singing their marriage. In pursuit of this, Karna suffers an injury in the eye; Malli?s hearing gets impaired and Chandu loses one leg ? all during the attacks by the rivals. At last their aim is achieved, at the cost of unhappiness to the trio in pursuit of their personal goals.

They get upset knowing that the married couple got separated due to personal egos. Now, the trio gets on another mission to teach them a fitting lesson. What is that they achieved at last forms the crux of the film?

Ravi Teja and Allari Naresh proved their mettle that they were ready to strike with maximum force if they could get the right characters. Both of them held both comedy and fire in them. Siva Balaji too made his presence felt and this film would definitely bring him a break.

Priyamani showed much ease and performance in her role. Krishna Bhagwan could bring some laughter. Sunil?s role is impressive. All other characters worked up to the expectations.

No doubt, Samudrakhani unfolded the theme in a pucca manner without any loopholes in the script from the start to the finish. The screenplay is also gripping. He could also present some of the human emotions in an effective manner ? particularly the pathos of Manemma when her father tries to commit suicide.

The attack of Malli on Karna?s uncle. Dialogues by Sashank Vennelakanti are crisp and good. Music by Sundar for a couple of songs is average, though the background score is a highlight.

Interestingly, the director seems to have given a feeler that a sequel is possible for Sambho Siva Sambho as none of the trio has his love fulfilled.

Both the first and second halves ran with equal speed based on the story rather than the commercial elements. Though these kinds of films reach the public slowly, the presence of Ravi Teja and Allari Naresh would make the process easier.

Verdict: Entertaining

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