Shankar: '2.0' is a full-fledged action entertainer, it's not a high concept sci-fi film

Last Updated: Tue, Nov 27, 2018 10:41 hrs

There is a rumor on the internet that ‘2.0’ is a high concept sci-fi film and it will not be as entertaining as Shankar’s previous films. “Everyone of us has mobile phones now so all of them will be emotionally connected with the story of ‘2.0’. Whatever you saw in the trailer of the film is not the core story, there is a soulful message. ‘2.0’ is a full-fledged action entertainer and it will also be enjoyed by the masses”.

Talking about Rajinikanth, Shankar said: “In the hot climatic conditions, Rajinikanth sir had to wear the bodysuit and despite his poor health condition, he pulled it off only to help the producer who would have lost a lot of money if the shoot got postponed”.

“Akshay Kumar is a very disciplined and dedicated actor. Every day, it would take minimum three hours for his makeup but he never worried about it. Similarly, AR Rahman took six months for the background score of the film and the re-recording output looks as amazing as Batman and Spiderman”, said Shankar who thanked his producer Subaskaran for investing a huge amount on an Indian film.

Shankar also requested everyone to watch the film in 3D to get the real effect.