Sherlock Toms review - An average watch

If all you want are some laughs at the cinema, buy a ticket for this one

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 30 September 2017

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Sherlock Toms review - An average watch



Star Cast

Biju Menon, Srinda, Miya George

The hero in director Shafi’s Sherlock Toms has been a huge fan of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, right from his childhood days and gets his nickname as a result.

Thomas aka Sherlock Toms (Biju Menon) unveils the mystery behind a cash bag at school, which in turn ruins the life of the culprit involved, one of his teachers, played by Kalabhavan Shajon.

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Toms always enjoy being in the company of his gang of friends, who spend their time doing nothing apart from drinking. But that doesn’t prevent him from studying well and he becomes an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) official.

In fact, he always wanted to be an IPS officer and his investigative skills are of no use in IRS. So, when he is posted as Enforcement Deputy director, he is delighted.

A great premise to have some edge of the seat moments, a suspense thriller or a heist drama, did you say? No such luck here. Even after all these build ups, what the film shows are buffoonery by Toms’ friends, the antics of his wife (Srinda) who hates him and unending booze sessions.

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After a while the story shifts to a particular location and from then on, it’s a really long episode that goes on and on. More than brilliance, it seems like a convenience with this part of the story. Well, we won’t play spoilsports by revealing any more details.

Shafi, who has made some smart comedies in the past, has done this one in a rather lazy manner. There are some hilarious sequences, mainly thanks to Hareesh Kanaran’s superb comic timing, which keeps you engaged in a big way. It’s his scenes, with Kottayam Nazeer, that shines in this film.

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Biju Menon plays his role earnestly, but this one is not that challenging a character for the superb actor that he is. And it is quite sad that his knack for comedy has not been used here, though there was enough scope for it in the story.

Srinda has to yell at top volume all the time as an irritating wife , and she has done a decent job. Miya George has to look cute as a journalist and she does it quite well.

Even though we can’t help thinking that this movie had so much potential, Sherlock Toms suffers from bad writing and as a result, ends up as an okay watch at best.  If all you want are some laughs at the cinema, buy a ticket for this one.

Sherlock Toms review-Verdict:Entertaining in parts

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