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Thursday 17 April 2003

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The film begins in a small town in Bihar that is dominated by a politician, Bachhu Yadav (Sayaji Shinde) who is a self-styled anarchist. Samar Pratap Singh (Manoj Bajpai) is a a newly-posted inspector to tht small town. Samar is a man of principles a man who does not compromise on any issues when it interferes with his work. He comes to the new town with his wife Manjeri (Raveena Tandon), and young daughter Sonu Singh.

Samar as part of his duty arrests a few of Bachhu Yadav`s men for causing a riot. Problems arise when Samar refuses to compromise and defies Bachhu Yadav, making things difficult for himself. Samar gets suspended from the force because of Bachu Yadav`s powerful clout and becomes an object of ridicule and snide remark. His family is torn apart and his career in the Police force reaches a premature end. Finally, with nothing to lose, Samar decides to destroy Bachhu and his men!

On the performnace front , Manoj Bajpai in his role as an honest cop, for whom nothing goes right, has done a fantastic job. His performance is truly amazing, especially the emotional scenes with Raveena Tandon. Raveena Tandon sans make-up looks very convincing as a small town cops wife and has done justice to her role.

Sayaji Shinde as the evil politician is convincing enough though at times a little irritating. The script is fine till after the first half, but takes a fall in the climax. The songs are very mediocre and the much hyped about Shilpa Shetty special appearance song is very tasteless and caters only to the likes of the rural class. `Shool` is nowhere near `Satya` if we consider it as a Ramgopal Verma film, but definitely worth a watch for the great performances of Manoj and Raveena.

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