Showbiz starts off fairly well transforms into a melodramatic tirade with only black or white characters, a drug-addict sister, and a gruesome accident.

Source: Sify

By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Thursday 27 December 2007

Movie Title



Raju Khan

Star Cast

Tushar Jalota, Mrinalini Sharma, Gulshan Grover

A film about the corruption in the media is relevant in today?s times. It?s also true that in an age where completion between media houses is so strife that grabbing eye-balls becomes inevitable to survive, the media has pushed the boundaries and is challenging it every day. How many times have you seen an angry celebrity desperately lounge at a photographer who is intruding their privacy in a delicate moment? Whether it?s their wedding, a death in the family, or a split with a loved one, it?s all a big circus fed to a shamelessly voyeuristic audience that has tasted blood.

This has been told in Showbiz, albeit in an overtly simplistic manner. Rohan Arya (Tushar Jalota) is a singing talent contest winner who is backed by music house Showbiz and he becomes their in-house star. Romance brews between Rohan and the company?s creative director Shikha (Mrinalini Sharma). Trouble arrives in the form of Sharad Rajput (Sushant Singh, a fantastic actor who deserves better), an ambitious and corrupt journalist who thinks nothing of using his power as a media person to exploit celebrities. His mantra is living off the lives of celebrities and their controversies, even creating them if none exist. He approaches Rohan and asks him to exploit his romance for publicity, circus tabhi acha lagta hai jab tak naya naya tamasha ho; nahin to public bore ho jati hai. Rohan being the upright guy, refuses and invites the ire of Rajput. Meanwhile, Rajput is offered a tidy sum of money to create news about Rohan and milk his stardom for channel TRPs. Showbiz does have some gritty moments that make you cringe with disgust: for example, when a blood-soaked woman is battling for life at an accident site, Rajput wants to pull her zip down before filming the accident and fleeing.

The film that starts off fairly well transforms into a melodramatic tirade with only black or white characters, a drug-addict sister, and a gruesome accident. Technically, the film is below par. Choreographer-turned- director Raju Khan, to add, more drama to the proceedings, even adds computer generated lightening off and on. Khan?s storytelling, though interesting at places, is yet to acquire the finesse of other debutant directors that have made a mark this year. Mrinalini Sharma is an extremely pretty face and her performance is about average. Tushar Jalota has the droopy eyes, ruffled hair and shirtless-look body, but not the screen presence required to carry an entire film on his shoulders. In fact, it?s the supporting cast that saves the film: Sushant Singh, Saurabh Shukla, Gulshan Grover, Sachin Khedekar and Ehsaan Khan.

Music (by Lalit of the Jatin-Lalit duo) is definitely a plus: Shukriya is a nice danceable number and the other songs are easy on the ears as well. The film would have been a decent watch if only the filmmaker had stuck to keeping it real. With stiff competition from last week?s releases Welcome and Taare Zameen Par, it?s unlikely that Showbiz will have a chance.

11/2 stars

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