Shubharathri review: A feel good film, narrated in a rather conventional but honest manner.

Shubharathri review: A feel good drama

Source: Sify


Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 6 July 2019

Movie Title



Vyasan K P

Star Cast

Dileep, Sidhique, Anu Sithara

Director Vyasan K P’s Shubharathri comes with a tagline, Laylat al-Qadr, which is an Arabic term that can be translated as ‘a blessed night’.

Muhammed (Sidhique) is all set to go for the holy Haj pilgrimage. Before going for it, he wants to pay off all the debts and seek blessings from all. His son Shanavas (Nadhir Shah) and two daughters with their families have come home. His wife Khadeeja (Shanthi Krishna) wants to accompany him for the trip but she is scared to travel in a flight. 

The first half has Muhammed meeting some of the relatives who were not in touch with him for so many years and a friend who was a big influence in his life during his schooldays. 

He also meets Suhara (Asha Sarath), his childhood sweetheart, who went to London when her dad denied her marriage to Muhammed. She keeps her love for Muhammed intact and though Khadeeja feels insecure in the beginning, she handles the situation in a graceful manner.

There is another track, where Krishnan (Dileep) lives with his wife (Anu Sithara) and their daughter. The film is basically about how the lives of Muhammed and Krishnan meets at a particular point.

As it is said in the film, this is a story based on a true happening and that is the relevance of it as well. This one a story of goodness and virtues, where most characters are shown in white shades.

Though his role is a pretty serious one and not too long, Dileep performs his part with total dedication. Sidhique is in fine form as Muhammed. The rest of the cast have also done their parts well.

Shubharathri is a feel good film, narrated in a rather conventional but honest manner. 

Shubharathri review: A feel good drama