Si 3 review: Loud and exhausting!

A cocktail of harebrained predictable plot, exhausting action scenes and slapstick comedy


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 13 February 2017

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Si 3 review: Loud and exhausting!



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Suriya, Anushka, Shruti, Thakur Anoop Singh

Director Hari's third series of Singam franchisee titled Si3  is a cocktail of harebrained predictable plot, exhausting action scenes, slapstick comedy and a bunch of characters that are entirely forgettable. The action scenes here goes on and on, till your brain and senses are numbed.

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The story’s nothing much to begin with, except that the entire film is set in Andhra Pradesh with everyone speaking in Tamil (There is a disclaimer in the beginning). The premise is a familiar one- When Andhra Police is unable to pin down the killers of Police Commissioner of Vizag (Jayaprakash), the Home Minister (Sarath Babu) brings Durai Singam (Suriya) the unbeatable, universal cop of Tamil Nadu through a special appointment to crack the mysterious case.

During his investigation, Durai Singam finds that Central Home Minister's son Vittal (Thakur Anoop Singh) who is based in Australia along with his henchman Reddy (Sarath Saxena) is shipping tons of e-waste and medical waste near Vizag. This kills many school students and it was Reddy and gang who kills the Commissioner, who had solid evidence to put them behind bars. How Durai Singam nails Vittal forms the crux of the story.

First and foremost there is no attempt to package the film with aesthetics, sensibility or logic for a new audience. Everyone in the film is screaming and the one-liners and punch lines are corny and make no sense. The only bright spot and biggest strength in this excruciating film is Suriya and his screen presence. The beefed up Thakur Anoop Singh with a bunch of white women around him is a caricature villain and his introduction scene where he beats a lady brutally is cringing. A battalion of supporting cast Radhika Sarathkumar, Singer Krish, Nassar, Radha Ravi among others are wasted.

It’s a pity that we’re so starved for good, genuine comedy in Tamil cinema!  And here, Soori's comedy track especially the ones with Shruti is annoying. Anushka looks too mature and much elder to Suriya. We wonder why she chose to wear those uncomfortable dresses in the song shot in snow! And Shruti Haasan's character, a presumably educated woman (please note that she is an investigative journalist), who is obsessed with Dorai Singam after seeing him fight a dozen goons at a railway station only to be beaten up by the villain is badly written and downright silly!

We wish Hari, the commercial director who gave us blockbuster hits in the past had invested more time to write a believable story and presented it with some style and not struggle to just make a sequel, with no meat. Technically too the film fails in all departments. Among the songs of Harris Jayaraj, it is Wi Wi Wi Wi Wifi and O sone sone are hummable.

Do not forget to carry ear plugs or a Saridon.

Si3 review- Verdict: Loud and exhausting!

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