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Saturday 14 February 2009

Movie Title



JD Chakravarthy

Star Cast

Jagapathi Babu, Sindhu Menon, Kota Sreenivasa Rao, Mukul Dev

Dayanand (Jagapathi Babu), an upright police officer and a sharp-shooter, wins the confidence of all sections of public and higher authorities in the police department.

His daredevil nature comes as a frightening factor for criminals and his superior (Kota) encourages him a lot as he continues his duty with passion.

His wife (Sindhu Menon) is also co-operative even as killing anti social elements and reaching home with bloodstains on his shirt becomes routine for Dayanand.

But everything changes when his senior officer retires and someone else comes into that chair. Troubles erupt with his colleague Salim Ali Mushtaq, another encounter specialist.

This way, he loses his wife. Persistent about the issue, Dayanand cracks it and finds the right murderer with his wits. At last, he takes vengeance against the murderer.

Siddam is a thorough entertainer with scintillating songs, but the plot is too vague. Director Chakiri's movie may be the for multiplex audiences, but not for the masses.

Jagapathi Babu is perfect suit as protagonist while Mukul Dev stood as his perfect match. Sindhu Menon has limited role in full sari and no glamour show oozed from her, as there is any scope. Narsing Yadav contributed to the comedy thread while Subba Raju and Siva Prasad shared the same. The movie comes out with technical brilliance with superb background score. Cinematography is fine.

There are some lighter vein punches against some of the top run heroes and politicians and this thread evokes laughter now and then. Entertainment in the form of songs and dances is missing.

First half goes with entertainment and balanced action scenes and the interval scenes close with tragedy. And the entire second half is a revenge drama played with conspiracy by the protagonist.

It's a pleasant narration without any pointless noise. Every word in the dialogue is used only up to requirement and there is no unwanted overflow anywhere. It's a movie for class audiences who can watch the flick just once and appreciate. But it stands to be a not so tasty dish for mass audiences.

Verdict: For multiplexes only

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