Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 09 December 2013

Movie Title



V K Prakash

Star Cast

Mammootty, Anoop Menon, Pallavi Purohit

In director V K Prakash?sSilence, a highly successful lawyer practicing at the Bengaluru High Court goes through some tense moments just days before taking charge as a judge.

Arvind Chandrasekhar (Mammootty) has an enviable track record as a lawyer and all his well?wishers are delighted by his achievement. While he is on a visit to his parents in Kerala, with wife Sangeetha (Pallavi Purohit) and their two kids, he receives a call on his mobile from a stranger, who refuses to reveal his identity.

He is evidently perturbed as the caller follows him closely. On their way back to Bengaluru, some men follow his car, which leads to an exciting chase. The cops are duly informed and Arvind?s friend, Neil George IPS (Anoop Menon) tries to track the caller.

In a tale full of nagging clich?s, usual gimmicks in thrillers of these types and every effort to eulogize the hero, Prakash makes the viewer cringe, out of sheer desperation.

Y V Rajesh, who has made a career by shamelessly copying already made films one after the other, seems to have attempted to write some original stuff in between though after getting ?inspired? from thrillers like ?Cape Fear?. And the result is a real mess that could gift you an okay first half and a horrible second half.

Mammootty looks handsome as usual, but the veteran actor?s bad choice of scripts now reaches a surprising level. Pallavi Purohit barely make much of an impression and Anoop Menon repeats his trademark style.

Silence is just another investigative story where some events take place during the first few scenes and then nothing much happen until the final few scenes where the mystery is unveiled. Now, the choice is entirely yours!

Verdict: Tedious

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