Sillu Karuppatti review: A little gem not to be missed!

Sillu Karuppatti review: A little gem not to be missed!

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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Movie Title

Sillu Karuppatti review: A little gem not to be missed!


Halitha Shameem

Star Cast

Sree Ram, Leela Samson, Manikandan, Niveditha Sathish

Director Halitha Shameem's Sillu Karuppati is an endearing anthology that revolves around modern-day relationship issues. The director also tells us that life is not like a box of chocolates but it could actually taste like a 'Sillu Karuppatti' which is not a generic sweet candy but has a lot of flavors to it.

The first episode of the film 'Pink Bag' revolves around an adolescent young garbage collecting guy from a slum who finds a pink garbage bag and falls in love with the girl. The film depicts the unconditional love or liking between two souls from the diametrically opposite economic background. Though the basic crux of the first episode looks novel, the execution wasn't up to the mark as it tries too hard to capture the poverty of the slum kids. But right from the second episode, we begin to feel that the film is going to get better and that's how it actually progressed. 

The second episode's title is 'Kaaka Kadi'. Well, Manikandan, the co-writer of 'Vikram Vedha' is such an effortless performer and the newbie Niveditha Satish is a revelation with her matured yet cute performance. Kaaka Kadi is all about how unexpected cancer calls off the marriage of a youngster who falls in love with a total stranger and the unconditional love exists between them. 'Kaaka Kadi' got the potential to be a full-fledged romantic drama, it was beautifully written and performed! So many taboo topics were discussed with a lighter note in 'Kaaka Kadi' and it didn't sound obscene at all, that's exactly where strong writing comes into help.

The third episode is 'Turtles' in which Halitha Shameem has handled a romantic relationship between an old widower and a spinster. Both KravMaga Sree Ram and Leela Samson were exceptional in this episode. Thanks to Leela Samson, we often recollect scenes from O Kadhal Kanmani but there is no link between these two films.  Turtles basically talk about the idea of marriages, the need for companionship in the later stages of life.

The fourth episode 'Hey Ammu' is a fitting finale to this beautiful bouquet like film. Hey Ammu talks about the relationship issues between the middle-aged couple.  The expectations of the homemaker,  the carelessness of the husband, their sex life and parenting have been beautifully addressed without getting preachy and regressive. If given the right characters and handled by the right directors, Samuthirakani is a delight to watch. In the usual 'Samuthirakani' film, we would have seen him uttering long dialogues and lectures about the same issue but here things are subtle and he shines like a diamond. Sunainaa has delivered her career-best performance showcasing the psychological pain of a homemaker who doesn't get the due respect, recognition, and love in the mechanical life.

Pradeep Kumar's music is the soul of the film and the multiple cinematographers Abinandam Ramanujam, Manoj Paramahamsa, and Vijay Kartik Kannan bring in distinct flavors to the film with their unique visual pattern.

Though Halitha has taken a few cinematic liberties like the convenient ola share part and the 'Alexa' element in 'Hey Ammu' episode, the novelty in the whole film makes us to not nitpick much.

Sillu Karuppatti review:: A well-written feel-good film 

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