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Friday 03 October 2014

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Duniya Vijay, Soundarya Jayamala, Aishwarya

?Sigh! Swamake!? This is definitely Kannada audience?s reaction, after getting to know the two big releases for this weekend! But are they worth watching is the real question.

'Simhadri', starring Duniya Vijay and Soundarya Jayamala, which released today, will surely make you rethink the quality of swamake movies that is being made in Sandalwood! The movie marks the comeback of director Shivamani, after five years, whose last film 'Josh' (2009) dealt with the youth-centric issue!

'Simhadri', set in a village, is all about emotion, drama, sentiment, love, action and fights! Protagonist Simhadri (Duniya Vijay) is the son of a farmer is very much attached to his sister Nandini (Aishwarya). He also shares a very similar attachment with cows(?!) and sings songs with them! He breaks the nose of people who messes with his sister and cows as well!

After searching for the right groom, he gets his sister married to a rich man?s family in the village. But after marriage, Nandini?s in-laws undergo ?wealth transformation? and the sweet- daughter-in-law is cursed everyday, stating that she is responsible for the ill-fate. Duniya Vijay, who gets to know about this is all geared up to help his damsel-in-distress sister. Will the protagonist succeed in setting his sister?s life on the right track is the crux of the story!

Wait! There is one more character that needs a mention here. Pretty actress Soundarya Jayamala, who plays the role of Simhadri?s wife Suma, and is considered only for few songs and fewer scenes! The movie, which is supposed to boost her career, makes no difference at all! She hardly has any screen space as Duniya Vijay and Aishwarya are often seen together than the heroine! Soundarya definitely needs a help before choosing her scripts.

Though the story is set in the village, the songs are choreographed in an urban mode, which is contradictory to the movie itself! Music too fails to impress the audience except for a peppy number Blacky...Blacky...

The movie is sure to remind one of Anna Thangi, Tangigaagi, Tavirige baa Tangi and Paramashiva as well! Though Vijay succeeds in action and romance what is more disappointing is that he fails to impress during emotional scenes! Few sentimental scenes are funny rather than emotional, which is a major setback for the movie! Aishwarya looks promising, but needs some tips while acting in emotional scenes. But Actor Suchendra Prasad and Ramesh Bhat, with their wonderful acting skills, save the day for Simhadri.

Director Shivamani fails to make any impact on audiences. One may also wonder if he is following Sai Prakash?s footsteps by any chance! Overall, the movie is definitely worth skipping, this festive season!

Verdict: - Worth a skip!

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