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Monday 21 April 2003

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Dr Rajasekhar has always been a narcissist and his films reeks off male chauvinism. Simharasi is no different from his earlier movies. It is a remake of the Tamil film Maayi. Like it on not, in terms of its story idea, scripting, direction and well virtually on every aspect it leaves you exasperated.

The story is about our hero Narasimharaju (Rajasekhar) who is half man half lion personification. This ?weird guy? lives in a cave (a studio made thatched hut) and sits and sleeps on the floor, and never uses any furniture! For him the bad guys are politicians. He cuts the tongue of local political leaders, who do not fulfil their election promises. Narasimharaju is the law in this domain and politicians are his favourite whipping horse. The man is a chronic bachelor, so the heroine Sakshi Sivanand lusts after him.

In a flashback he tells his ?heart-rendering? story of being born to a leper woman, but taken away by his father. His mother commits suicide. The father on the other hand is having an affair with another woman. A furious ?lion hero? confronts his father who also prefers to be another suicide victim. Then he begins a search for his father?s ?illegal family?. The villain is the heroes ?half sister?s? husband. Finally our hero vanquishes the villains and marries the heroine! Truly you feel as if you have been padlocked in an airless cage.

Roughly constructed, haphazardly shot on artificial sets with tedious scenes, it is better to run for the exit ? doors. Dr. Rajasekhar hams all the way and Sakshi Sivanand sleepwalks through the movie. The director of this utterly lamebrain film is V.Samudra (?)

Verdict: Don?t go anywhere near it.

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