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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 22 March 2008

Movie Title



A. Venkatesh

Star Cast

Sivaji, Gowri Munjal, Malavika, Suja, Saranya, Vivek, Avinash

Straightaway let us warn you - Singakutty is one of the most insufferable movies in recent times. It is the launch pad of Sivaji (Junior) as a loving, devoted to his family, action, romantic, comic, dancing, dare-devil H-E-R-O!

The new boy has done what our superstars do in their films in his debut film. This was the way people from the industry launched their children during the 70's and 80's. They wanted to show that the young debutant has "Josh" and "heroism" as much as his father or grandfather had on screen. But this method does not work any longer in the satellite age as today's audiences are cynical and hate to be conned by some new star kid or the other.

To put it politely, A.Venkatesh's story and presentation falls flat as he has tried to introduce a raw newcomer as a larger-than-life hero which is hard to stomach and quite irritating. The cardinal rule in commercial cinema is that a new hero has to go through the learning process and be acceptable to the viewers before embarking on such roles.

Added to that the film lacks a basic story, which makes our hero's dare devilry look weak and unconvincing. The story and presentation is so stale. Today, will any guy go up to a girl he falls at first sight, and ask the corniest dialogue in the universe- "What's the time please?"!! The most modern heroine falls in love immediately, while her villain bodyguards beat him up!

Our hero is a cop who catches a guy trying to place a suitcase bomb in a car in a busy Chennai area, and gets a medal for it. Now he is on his way back to Madurai (all brave, daring and courageous macho men in Tamil cinema are born in this temple town!) his home town to meet his loving mom, sister and lady love.

On arrival in Madurai, he gets a call from a mysterious guy who is holding his family and lover at gun point and he is asked to take a tour of various places in the temple town. The hi-tech villain keeps track of his every movement and when he disobeys his sisters finger is sent as a present.

Well the bad man it turns out is the brother of the "Chennai Car bomber". He wants to take revenge by asking the cop who arrested his brother to place a bomb in a temple during a festival!!!

Enough suffered, enough endured, time to run away from this Singakutty!

Verdict- Avoidable

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