'Singh Is Bliing' review: Utterly uninspired!

'Singh Is Bliing' review: Utterly uninspired!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 02 October 2015

Movie Title

'Singh Is Bliing' review: Utterly uninspired!



Star Cast

Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Lara Dutta

The Singh of this film is a simpleton, and the film is not ostentatious either. So you attribute the film's title to the fact that it fits into a neat rhyme. And that it hopes some of the good luck of 2008's Akshay Kumar-starrer Singh is Kinng will rub off on it.We meet Raftaar Singh (Akshay Kumar), a Punjab boy being sent to Goa by his father. Notorious for leaving things half-done, his father wants him to "find himself" and make something of his life.

It's strange indeed that the father's definition of his son doing well is working as a henchman for a casino owner. The casino owner has tiffs with local ruffians and Singh also gets involved. He is shown as being silly, much like the comic-book character Suppandi, following literal translations of his boss's instructions.

Meanwhile Kay Kay Menon (looking curiously unkempt) misbehaves with an arms- dealer's daughter Sara (Amy Jackson), leading to an ego scuffle. The caricature-ish villain then takes it upon himself to take revenge on the father-daughter duo. It pains the heart to see Kay Kay Menon downgrading to playing an '80s- style villain whose recurring line is "I'm tooo good."

And that's how the film takes us from Romania to Goa, where Singh becomes her bodyguard of sorts. If you're searching for a story in any of this, rest assured there isn't. Until you believe that the plot of a simpleton hero-hapless heroine-lusty villain can pass off as an actual film story in year 2015.

We are then transported to Punjab where the foreigner girl gets a taste of some home-grown love and hospitality (read: over-indulgent moms pressing their sons' feet and folks wearing the brightest of colours). Love develops despite the fact that neither can understand the other's language.

Prabhudheva's (Action Jackson, Rowdy Rathore) directs the film in a manner that is loud and too obvious. The film will announce we're in Romania with big letters, so we miss out that detail. Several scenes have 'Shot in South Africa' and 'Shot in Romania' written below. We are not expected to ask for logic, and so characters change their basic characteristics at the drop of a hat.

All the lovely places are displayed most unimaginatively, and the scenery polluted by the central characters and a dozen garishly-dressed dancers, gyrating to a song like Dil kare choon chan choo chan.

Lara Dutta arrives to brighten the proceedings a tad with her comedic act as a translator, who is addressed as "chashmish aurat" by Singh. The film consistently takes digs on women's appearance throughout (like making fun of an overweight bride).

Meanwhile, Singh scores brownie points by lecturing girls on thrashing molesters. Sara is shown to be a mean fighter too, and can take on scores of baddies. This is the one of the few redeeming points in the film, where a heroine is shown as a formidable fighter, often rescuing Singh in the process.

That's, of course, till the finale, when she tragically transforms into a damsel-in-distress. That's when Raftaar Singh gets to say heavy-duty dialogue like, Singh jahaan pair rakhta hai, woh uska ilaaka ho jaata hai. (Wherever a Singh keeps his foot, it becomes his territory). And then proceeds to win the day.

For "humour" you have a scene where people spray their pee on each other. Another one where the camera tilts to show a woman is sexy. Or where the heroine is driving, sitting on Singh's, err, lap. Warning to parents: these double-meaning jokes make the film very inappropriate for kids.

Akshay Kumar's earnest act and Lara Dutta's superb comedy are the only bright points in the film. One wishes Akshay Kumar, and other A-listers, now use their star-power to make films that are not as lifeless and uninspired as this.

Ultimately the film is about a bumbling village guy, making it big in the city, and scoring with a "gori mem". Watch it if songs like Choon Chan is your idea of music. Watch it if you can forgive seeing much-loved stars reduced to playing stereotypical roles. Watch it if you want Bollywood to be stuck in a pathetic time-warp!

Rating: 1.5 stars

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