Sivaji- First day report!

Last Updated: Sat, Jun 16, 2007 02:56 hrs

Rajnikanth’s Shankar directed Sivaji has taken the biggest ever opening day ( Friday, June 15) opening in the annals of Tamil film history! According to the trade, all the 600 odd prints worldwide would have done 100 percent on the first day.

The openings have been phenomenal; something which may not happen again till the next Rajnikanth movie comes around .In Chennai city, all the 17 screens reported 100 percent on the first day, again a city record. Rajnikant hoardings and cut out’s were worshipped like a deity with Palabhishekam, Aarathis, Pooja in many centres in Tamilnadu!

The bitter Dravidian political rivals- M.Karunanidhi, Chief Minister , DMK leader and J.Jayalalitha, the opposition leader, AIADMK supremeo who can never agree on anything regarding the state were treated to special sneak previews of the film with the superstar in attendance. For a change the warring politicians were unanimous that “Sivaji is a great movie that provides wholesome entertainment”! The cadres of both parties are very happy about it as they are all fans of the superstar.

Meanwhile the all important people’s verdict is out, that they like the film. But the skeptics in the trade say, that the film carries mixed reports. In Tamilnadu the majority of the people seemed to have liked it, though they say the film lacks a cohesive story, not enough punchlines, and is far too long.

In Andhra Sivaji carries only average reports, and people say the first half comedy and family emotions are typical Tamil milieu and have no Andhra flavour. In Kerala, the film one day opening is better than a Mohanlal or Mammootty film, there the audience say it is too long and no story in it. Still they are loving the songs and grandeur in the film.