Sivakarthikeyan: 'Doctor' has a universal subject

Source :SIFY
Last Updated: Fri, Oct 8th, 2021, 11:20:09hrs
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In a candid chat with, Sivakarthikeyan opens up about Doctor, his choice of films, and his future plans.

 Talking about Doctor, the actor said: "After the trailer cut, I told Anirudh, my director Nelson and others that the reception would be good. Anything fresh will get its merit and Doctor is one such film for me. Those who have seen my films would find Doctor fresh in terms of treatment and execution".

In the trailer, the actor doesn't have many lines and he has also confessed at the pre-release event that he would have only minimal dialogues in the film. When asked whether he would have agreed to play such a subtle character if the film wasn't directed by Nelson, the actor said: "It's a hypothetical question (laughs). If the film has a strong entertainment value, would say yes. I play a subtle role in Doctor but the film will be entertaining".

"Though Nelson and I know each other for a long time, we had a professional relationship on the sets. We were clear that our friendship shouldn't dilute the content of the film", he added.

Talking about Doctor's Telugu release, the actor said: "Doctor is a universal subject. We believe that the film would also attract Telugu audiences. My film Remo and Seema Raja had good traction in the Telugu TV channels. The simultaneous release is another advantage for us".

We also asked about the reports on him doing a Telugu film, "I'm in talks but yet to confirm in what language we are going to do the film", he said. Answering the question about the whopping remuneration for the Telugu debut, the actor said: "I would initiate the remuneration discussion with my producers only after finalizing the script, cast and crew".

Siva had once felt conducting his wedding reception in a star hotel was his biggest dream. Now, he has reached a great position but still facing financial challenges and solving it successfully with every given film. Now, he has reached a great position but still, has financial commitments and pressure. "Well, that would be there in our life. But in this lockdown, I've made it clear that we should not worry much about all the external pressure. Yes, we have to work hard and solve the problem but not worth worrying much", he said.

Sivakarthikeyan's core audiences are kids but Doctor seems to have violence and bloodshed. "The action sequences wouldn't be too violent. We have got a UA certificate because the theme warrants parental guidance. But kids will enjoy Yogi Babu's scenes. I'm eagerly waiting to know how they would react to the film because I haven't done a film in this genre before".

In Siva's previous films, the action sequences are not that violent and powerful. Answering this question, the actor said: "If the character and the screenplay demand it, I have no qualms. But so far, no such roles and screenplay came in my way. Even in Doctor, you wouldn't see too much violence".

Sivakarthikeyan also has plans to explore the Hindi market. "Yes, we are planning to dub Ayalaan in Hindi because they have already seen films with aliens in the past. Also, with Rakul Preet Singh and AR Rahman sir on board, we are planning to simultaneously dub the film in Telugu and Hindi".

About his upcoming campus rom-com Don, Siva said: "It would be a colorful entertainer with comedy, action, sentiment, and enjoyable songs from Anirudh. The biggest challenge for us is to shoot Don amidst the pandemic. Most of the scenes demanded hundreds of junior artists as the film is set in the college backdrop. We had followed the SOPS and all set to wrap the shoot soon".

Talking about the rumors on him teaming with AGS Entertainment and Kalaipuli S Thanu, Siva said: "He hasn't inked a deal yet with any new production house".

Finally, before signing off, we also asked him about the possibilities of him penning a song in his good friend and Doctor's director's Nelson's next with Beast. "I think an official announcement and confirmation should come from the team. I'm always ready!", he signed off.

Rajasekar S


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