Sivalinga review: A rehash of several hit horror comedies

A decent horror comedy film with elements borrowed from other movies

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 14 April 2017

Movie Title

Sivalinga review: A rehash of several hit horror comedies


P Vasu

Star Cast

Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh, Vadivelu, Sakthi Vasu, Urvashi

Sivalinga is a decent horror comedy film with elements borrowed from Raghava Lawrence's Muni series and P Vasu's Chandramukhi. Both the movies had originally kick started the horror comedy genre in Tamil and turned out to be a safe bet for producers.

CID officer Sivalinga (Raghava Lawrence) reopens the suicide case of Rahim(Sakthi Vasu)  after suspecting that the incident is a planned murder. During the investigation, Sivalinga's wife Sathya (Ritika Singh) gets possessed by Rahim's spirit but the officer has to work hard and face a lot of obstacles to bring her back to normalcy. Will Sivalinga come out with flying colours?

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As said earlier, one can easily relate Sivalinga with several horror comedies, especially with P Vasu directed the film and Lawrence playing the protagonist, we only begin to feel that many scenes are mere rehashed versions of Chandramukhi and Muni with several logic loopholes that the film fails to over anything new.  However, Sivalinga has its moments in the murder suspense angle and comic sequences.

Raghava Lawrence has once again repeated his trademark mannerisms reminding Superstar Rajinikanth and as usual, his action sequences are over the top. But Sivalinga belongs to Ritika Singh, she gets everything right, especially in scenes where the actress gets possessed and subjects to severe psychological changes. One can surely say that Sivalinga as a comeback film for Vadivelu, he does bring constant laughter and keeps us engaged throughout.  Sakthi Vasu has also given a commendable performance in the film and turns emotional in the pre-climax sequence.

Technically, Sivalinga is just adequate with functional cinematography, editing and background score. Among Thaman's songs, the peppy Rangurakkara is sure to attract the masses.

Overall, Sivalinga is a typical horror comedy with moments to please its target audiences but for people who seek quality cinema, it's just an average flick.

Sivalinga review- Verdict : Average

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