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Tuesday 20 October 2015

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GV Prakash, Siddharth, Kashmira

The end dialogue of Sathya Siva's Sivappu goes like this, “Either we should help those people (Sri Lankan Tamil refugees) or leave them alone but shouldn’t use them for political benefits”. One should also not make films on them to get the much needed attention of the audiences; believe us, there are many ways to do it!

Naveen Chandra is a construction worker and he happens to meet a Sri Lankan Tamil refugee, Parvathy (Rupa Manjari), which eventually leads to love. When a local political leader uses them for his own benefits, Rajkiran who is like a father figure for Naveen takes an unexpected decision, which you have to watch on big screen to know.

The problem with Sathya Siva’s Sivappu is that the director tries too hard to showcase the suffering of Sri Lankan Tamils but the fact that he miserably failed in it. We have seen films like Kannathil Muthamittal and Nandha, which had brilliantly portrayed the pain of Sri Lankan refugees without taking sides but here everything looks forced and loud.

Out of the blue, the villain commits a brutal murder. May be, the director could have reserved it for the surprise factor but sadly we are unable to connect with the movie and the negative ending too appears to be forced, merely to earn our sympathy.

Performance wise, Naveen Chandra has done his part well while Rajkiran steals the show along with a sensible performance by Rupa Manjari. Thambi Ramiah’s comedy falls flat and it looks like, the actor has completely lost his magic.

Madhu Ambat’s cinematography is a major plus for the movie while NR Raghunanthan too has scored well with his songs .BGM sounds too melodramatic to gain the sympathy  but the scenes are not that much effective.

To conclude, Sivappu is yet another half-baked melodramatic movie on Sri Lankan refugees. Watch it, if you love such flicks!

Verdict:  Average-

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